Why Grace Rizza Writes Blogs in 2023

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“Does anyone really blog anymore? I haven’t heard about blogging in years! It’s that outdated?”

In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, staying ahead of the curve is crucial for success. Grace Rizza, the owner of Identity Dental Marketing, understands this well. In 2023, she continues to invest her time and effort in crafting informative blogs for her website. Why? Let’s delve into the reasons behind her dedication to blogging and the value it brings to her clients and subscribers.

Enhancing Long Tail Search Term Results

One of the primary reasons Grace writes blogs is to enhance her website’s visibility on search engines. Long tail search terms, those more specific and detailed keywords, are essential for attracting highly targeted traffic. By consistently publishing quality blog content, Grace ensures that her website ranks well for a wide range of long tail keywords related to dental marketing. This strategic approach not only increases the chances of her website appearing in search results but also helps potential clients find her services with ease.

Adding Value to Subscribers

Subscribers to Grace’s newsletter receive a unique benefit from her blogging efforts. She has implemented a feature that auto-populates her email newsletter with the latest blog posts. This ensures that her subscribers stay informed about the latest trends and insights in dental marketing without any extra effort on their part. It’s a win-win situation, as subscribers get valuable content delivered to their inboxes, and Grace keeps her audience engaged.

Building an Audience for Retargeting

Blogging is not just about attracting new visitors; it’s also a powerful tool for building a qualified audience for retargeting. Grace understands that not every visitor converts on their first visit to her website. To re-engage potential clients and keep her services top of mind, she uses the data from her blog readers to create custom audiences for retargeting on social media platforms and Google’s display ads. This strategic approach allows her to maximize her marketing efforts by targeting users who have already shown interest in her content and services.

Don’t Worry, We Blog for You!

But what if you don’t enjoy writing or simply don’t have the time for it? Grace and her team have you covered. As part of Identity Dental Marketing’s SEO campaign services, they offer blog writing for clients. This ensures that even those who lack the time or inclination for writing can still benefit from the power of blogging. It’s all part of their commitment to helping clients rank for not just some key search terms, but all of them.

In conclusion, Grace Rizza’s dedication to blogging in 2023 is driven by a desire to provide value to her clients and subscribers, enhance her website’s visibility, and maximize the effectiveness of her marketing efforts. By consistently publishing informative content, she not only attracts and educates her audience but also sets the stage for successful retargeting campaigns. And for those who prefer not to write, Identity Dental Marketing offers a solution to ensure that every client can harness the benefits of blogging in their SEO strategy.

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