What’s your score?

Having a strong website is essential to a thriving and growing practice. It helps patients find you through search easily and it clearly conveys what your practice is about. If you were to quiz yourself on your website’s effectiveness, how would you do?

  1. Is your website modern? Have you updated it in any way within the last two years? Does it look and feel up to date with an on-trend design and fresh-looking layout? If yes, give yourself two points.
  2. Is your website branded? Does your site match your brand recognition? Examine the colors and the font you use and see if they match your signage, brochures, and other elements. If they are inconsistent, it gives off a sense of cognitive dissonance among people trying to find a new dentist. If yes, give yourself two points.
  3. Are you using real photography and videography? People want to see you, your staff, and your office. An exterior shot will help them to find you. Real patients, well-photographed, along with testimonials, go a long way toward engendering trust. If yes, give yourself two points.
  4. Is your website responsive? Your patients and prospects need to be able to see your website and navigate it easily from any type of screen: mobile phone to desktop. This is what is meant by a responsive website. If yes, give yourself two points.
  5. Do you love your website? “Is it something you are proud to share? Is it something if you were a new patient seeking a dentist that it would make an amazing first impression?” asks CEO Grace Rizza. If yes, give yourself two points.
  6. Are your selling points obvious? Does your website properly telegraph your key differentiators? In other words, does it convey what is special about you and your team? Does it show or tell about the technology you use? Does your About Us show your credentials? If yes, give yourself two points.
  7. Does your website rank well on Google? This is the most important website factor. If no one can find it by searching online, why have a website at all? When people search for “dentist near me” or “Dentist in (Your Town),” you should come up in the top three Google Map positions for at least one of your top keywords. Bonus if you have a lot of 5-star reviews. Give yourself 4 points if you’re satisfied with your search engine ranking.

No matter what your score, it’s time to take a critical look at your website and decide whether it can withstand competition. If you would like to upgrade your website in any area mentioned above, Identity Dental Marketing can help. It offers a multipronged solution to a great website. Schedule a consultation with Grace Rizza today. Get started by emailing grace@identitydental.com and get the website that proudly reflects who you are and what you do.

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