The Components of an Effective Landing Page

If you’re in the process of building ads for a service, event, or product, you’ll likely discover that ads that lead to pages designed to turn an interested viewer into a lead or customer are an important component of an effective campaign.

Like any marketing component, the design and writing matter. Without a clean, focused design and one clean call to action, your page can quickly become a more condensed version of your website, defeating the purpose altogether.

When a consumer makes a purchasing decision, the length of time spent on that decision varies based on the service or product.

For low cost items, LESS IS MORE. If you’re selling makeup, a beauty item, or even a vacuum, include a video of the product solving a problem and attach an offer that expires in hours. This sense of urgency, paired with the problem solving video will increase conversion. In addition, you may opt to include bulleted items of benefits or product details.

For higher cost items, such as selling an educational program, consulting, or other advisory services that can cost $10,000 or more, the landing page should be a bit more involved. However, it should not divert from the problem the ad promised to solve. For instance, if you are offering a solution to the problem of business growth, you’ll want to have a hook (an attention-grabbing headline) that solves a problem and lets the viewer know there’s more to learn about this solution.

Here’s an example:

Ad Copy: Grow your practice in ONE free, simple step. Learn more.

Corresponding landing page copy: By joining the FREE Dentistry’s Growing with Grace Facebook group, you’ll connect with top advisors on a daily basis.

Dentists have reported an average of 20% growth after working with Grace Rizza and the Identity Dental Marketing Team. Get access to their guidance and content for free.

  • Engage in growth-oriented conversation with 5,000 other dentists
  • Learn how to improve your brand daily with simple advice that can be applied immediately
  • Watch videos that will challenge you and your team to grow both personally and professionally

[Video welcoming the visitor to the group]

Why Conversion Pages Fail

  • Too many words, focuses and selling points
  • Trying to solve more than one problem at a time
  • No custom video or photography
  • Failure to address or effectively solve the problem posed in the ad
  • Poor design aesthetic (too much clutter / too much complexity)
  • Lack of demand for the problem
  • Failure to address common objections

If you’d like assistance in determining your campaign focus, set up, audience selection or landing page creation, please reach out to Identity Dental Marketing for a Complimentary Marketing Planning Session to learn what our Paid Ads Campaigns include and receive a custom quote.

Have a blessed day.

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