Don’t Let Covid Kill Your Morale

Author: Grace Rizza, CEO, Identity Dental Marketing

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Covid Dental Surival Guide

We’ve been in this new “Covid World” now for many months. Whether your business has been in high-demand or you’re struggling to stay operational, you’ve likely been affected. 

Covid swept into our lives, took our sense of normalcy, security and for some, our sanity. It took our business consistency and replaced it with uncertainty. It’s not uncommon right now for a dentist to fall asleep at night worrying about the following: 

  • Will my whole team be at work tomorrow? 
  • Will my kids be in school? 
  • Will my patients show up for their appointments today? 
  • Will I be able to take home a paycheck? 

For many business owners, this has created a mindset focused on surviving instead of thriving. As the weeks and months pass, this coping mechanism of just “making it through each day” has become the norm for many practice owners. For this reason, it’s become increasingly difficult for many leaders to focus on growth.

Are you unsure if you’ve been affected in this way? If so, give yourself a point for each of the following that applies to you: 

  • We paused our consulting services. 
  • We stopped or slowed down our marketing efforts. 
  • We need team members but haven’t hired anyone to help us hire the team we need.
  • We were going to update our office appearance, but put it on hold until 2021. 
  • We were going to go to that CE event, but we’re skipping our CE this year. 
  • We aren’t taking our family vacation. 
  • We aren’t hosting any community events or holiday specials this year. 
  • We were going to update our website, but we’re going to put it on pause for now. 

If you relate to more than 2 of these statements, you’ve likely been living in survival mode.

Read this sentence twice: 

The quicker you can get back to prioritizing your business, the quicker you will re-enter growth mode and exit survival mode. 

How has covid affected you? How will you let it effect your future? Need help exiting this slump? Set up a marketing planning session with me here:

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