Great Dental Logos

Great dental logos are simple. Simplicity, like that seen in the iconic Nike swoosh, the famous Apple or the Golden Arches is intentional. The simpler the logo, the more memorable, the better.

Great dental logos use modern font. Sans serif fonts are trending currently and perceived as modern and chic. Cursive is no longer a part of our children’s public education. If considering a font for a modern dental brand, use scripted fonts sparingly.

Great dental logos are rarely red. Red is the color of caution. It psychologically warns your viewer to stay away. It’s also the color of blood. It’s very rare that I advise the color red as a main logo color. Also, do not use too many colors. No more than three colors should be utilized in a dental logo.

Avoid generic symbols that reinforce the subconscious message that all dentists are alike. Differentiate your brand with a unique but simple logo. Nike does not feature a gym shoe and Apple’s logo is not a computer- and for good reason.

Include the doctors’ names for recognition whenever possible but do not feel as if the business name is limited to the doctor’s name.

Building a brand goes far beyond designing a logo. Creating a powerful brand involves identifying a deeper meaning for your practice. Unveil what it is you are truly offering.

Remember, Apple is not selling technology. Apple sells individuality and creative freedom. Mercedes does not sell vehicles. Mercedes sells status. Nike does not sell apparel. Nike sells motivation.

You do not sell dentistry. You sell confidence. You sell a longer, healthier life. You sell so much more than what your community realizes. Create your branding (business name, tag line and logo) to enhance and shape your brand. Your logo is the initial impression, but you must build the meaning behind your brand with every future business decision you make. Let patients know you are modern, professional and gentle by choosing images and fonts and colors that psychologically represent you.

Simple is best.

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