Is Your Marketing is “Schizophrenic”?

Yesterday while speaking with a very experienced and knowledgeable consultant, she shared with me that one of her clients has what she called “schizophrenic marketing”.

As she progressed to tell me about her client, she mentioned that he was working with various marketing companies all with different visions.  He has 2 websites, neither of which are very good.  He has a variety of programs and advertising, but isn’t really sure which efforts are working and which are just a waste of money.


Now, I don’t think his marketing is suffering from delusions, but it’s definitely dysfunctional. It’s very important to know the value of each of your marketing efforts.  It’s extremely valuable to be able to center your marketing and have one company or person handle all of your efforts.

For our clients, when they question the health of the facebook marketing, mailer, website, SEO or local advertisement, they can call us and we can help them determine which things are worth sticking with and which things are worth dropping.  Of course, we ALWAYS recommend tracking where your new patients are coming from.  We also understand that maybe you haven’t been so great at tracking and now it’s time to make some changes. We have a great idea of what works for dentists and can in most cases immediately save you thousands and improve the ROI of your current marketing budget.

Maybe you’re new to marketing or you’ve dabbled for the past 2o years, but don’t have a concise plan.  Either way, give us a call and we can help.

Grace Rizza, Identity Dental Marketing

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