Is it Time to Write an eBook?

You are on your way to becoming a key opinion leader, have a groundbreaking take on business management, or are teaching others how to run a great practice. Is it time to write an ebook? Here are tips from the experts on how to create one that sells.

Choose a topic. First, ask yourself what you really want to communicate. The topic needs to be clear and focused, and align with the needs of your target audience.

Develop an outline. There are many ways to organize ebook chapters. Some people create the kind of Roman numerical outline you perfected in school; others create idea buckets and fit all the elements – anecdotes, statistics, visuals, and concepts – into the appropriate slots. These form the basis of your chapters.

Write on a schedule. As any author will tell you, concepting is easy; the actual writing can be difficult. Many find it helpful to set aside a specific time of the day and simply flex that writing muscle. Don’t let that harsh, invisible editor in your head stop you from putting your ideas on screen; you will edit it later.

Add calls to action. Because most ebooks are business-oriented, you are not just making a point; you are selling a point. You want the book to have a purpose: to get you more speaking engagements or consulting jobs, or subscriptions to your newsletter. Whatever your underlying message, sprinkle compelling reasons to take action throughout the book.  

Edit ruthlessly! When you edit your manuscript, do so multiple times. Show it to more than one person. Consider enlisting the help of a professional copy editor to check for spelling, grammar, and flow. You may have truly breakthrough ideas that your audience can’t live without, but a spelling mistake will detract from your credibility.

Design with care. Just as you might want to hire an editor, also consider a freelance graphic designer to give the visuals some professional punch. Well-placed graphs, photos, and quotes draw the eye through the copy and make reading easier.  

Think about your goals. According to, only about one percent of all people who self-publish books make significant money at it, so it is important to write an ebook with the right motive: To help your target audience solve a problem. You may not get rich (although you might), but you will position yourself as a thought leader delivering an impressive message to a target audience.

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