Identity Dental Marketing’s Proven Strategies Drive Record New Patient Numbers

Identity Dental Marketing, a trusted marketing partner for dental practices since 2009, is thrilled to share the success stories of their clients: Dr. Carly Hamilton, Dr. Heather Lenker, and Dr. Jamie Childress.

Best Dental Marketing Dr. Carly Hamilton Testimonial

Dr. Hamilton is based in Manitoba, Canada. She expressed her enthusiasm for Identity Dental Marketing, stating “I am seeing great results with Identity Dental Marketing! This year, my new patient numbers are at 320, and it is only early August! Our new patient total for the entire year of 2022 was 387.” Dr. Hamilton’s substantial increase in new patients clearly demonstrates the effectiveness of Identity Dental Mareting’s services.

Best Dental Marketing Dr. Heather Lenker Testimonial

Dr. Lenker practices in a competitive market located in Paoli, PA. She highlighted the invaluable support she received from Identity Dental Marketing. “Working with Identity Dental Marketing has been amazing. They are exactly what we needed to thrive in a competitive location. They listened to our needs, helped us set goals, and reassessed our strategy as needed to keep us on course. We have seen continual growth in our practice both in new patient numbers and production. We are truly in excellent hands!”

Best Dental Marketing Dr. Jamie Childress Testimonial

Dr. Jamie Childress, whose practice has been experiencing a robust demand, stated “We are happy with the work Identity Dental Marketing has been doing for us. We are currently booked 3 months out for new patients and had to bring on a new associate to accommodate our patient load.” Dr. Childress’s experience showcases the tangible impact of Identity Dental Markeing’s expertise on practice expansion and patient retention.

To celebrate their success and demonstrate their commitment to helping more dental practices grow, Identity Dental Marketing is offering complimentary marketing planning sessions for new clients. Dentists looking to elevate their practice’s marketing strategies are encouraged to schedule their session by visiting:

Identity Dental Marketing prides itself by delivering exceptional service and keeping clients satisfied without the burden of long-term contracts. Since 2009, Identity Dental Marketing has been dedicated to transforming dental practices into thriving businesses.

For more information about Identity Dental Marketing, please visit: or contact (847) 629-5656.

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