Dental Practice Names

So you know what you want to accomplish with your practice. You know who you are targeting. You know how you are going to do it. But, who are you?

Giving yourself the proper branding is extremely important to the success of your business. For example, there may be 2 or more dentists in one area. If you have nothing that separates you from them, then you are losing valuable patients. You need to stand out and make a name for yourself.

Naming your practice is one of the most challenging things to do.  A business name is the first step in branding, which is the foundation of your success. The name separates you from the rest of your competitors, and may be your first impression. The name you pick should identify your strengths and help you to stand out, while evoking trust and credibility.

You will first want to identify your unique selling proposition (USP) or your “message”.  What makes you different than the dentists in your area?  What makes your patients continue to choose you? We can help you identify your strongest USP.

A patient will want to feel confident that he is choosing the right dentist, base on his own individual needs. You also will most likely not aim to attract everyone, but the patients that will most appreciate your services.  For instance, if you are branded as the reliable dentist, then you must have accommodating hours and accept emergency treatment.

Choosing the right name is something that takes a lot of time, effort, and creativity. We can help!

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