Does Your Marketing Tell a Story?

Everybody loves a great story, and everybody loves a great storyteller. The same concept holds true in dental marketing. By creating a narrative in your messaging, you can engage your potential patients much easier than with standalone ads. In this guide, you will learn about sequential advertising and how you can implement it to benefit your practice growth.

Sequential Advertising — Telling a Story With Strategy

Have you ever driven down a highway and seen a series of billboards that grabbed your attention with a piece-by-piece message? Sequential advertising is just like that, but in digital form. As your potential patients see your ads across desktop, mobile, or tablet-view, they will follow the story that you want them to see. Your ads will appear to them in a strategic order, allowing you to craft a consistent, interesting, and effective message that brings your patients closer to scheduling their first appointment.

What are the benefits?

This method of sequential advertising allows your marketing approach to feel more organic and tailored to your ideal patients. It can:

  • Develop brand familiarity — Sequential advertising will allow you to reach your community in a more unique, authentic fashion, helping them remember the benefits of choosing you.
  • Combat ad fatigue — By themselves, ads can grow bland. Building a narrative into your advertising campaign allows you to ensure your content is interesting and engaging, which helps improve conversion rate and ROI.
  • Build credibility — When you tailor your advertising to the actual community you serve, you can build trust in your dentistry through relevancy in your messaging.
  • Utilize video for even more exposure — Video marketing is a powerful way to draw in many people who would otherwise scroll past or ignore your content.

Building Your Sequential Advertising Campaign

Whether you specialize in pediatric dentistry or are focused on larger cases like dental implants, your practice goals are unique. We will listen to your needs and help you design, craft, and leverage a sequential advertising campaign that truly speaks to your patients while bringing you an impressive return on investment. Schedule your complimentary marketing planning session with Identity Dental Marketing today.

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