Turn Heads, Get Booked

Speaking and traveling can often leave you with little time to master your own marketing potential. Without a powerful campaign behind you, it can be difficult to achieve the exposure you need to get booked. That’s why we’ve prepared this quick guide to marketing yourself as a speaker.

Why should you market yourself as a speaker?

As a speaker, you understand that first impressions say a lot. By promoting yourself with strategic marketing, you can reach more meeting planners and significantly improve your speaking opportunities.

Custom-branded social media marketing will help you cut through the static and establish yourself as a thought leader. With high-quality video marketing that features your professional advice and knowledge, you can position yourself as an expert in your field. Don’t settle for the occasional workshop or conference — your marketing can be be what pushes you into full-time success as a speaker.

What are the elements of effective speaker marketing?

Getting yourself booked should be at the forefront of your marketing goals, and this will cascade into every strategy you utilize. When meeting planners search for you, they should encounter a powerful presentation that highlights your unique value as a speaker. The best way to do this is with a sizzle reel — a short, engaging video that functions like a sales pitch for you. In addition, your website and social media marketing should feature testimonials praising you, your speaker packet, upcoming presentations, and should offer pertinent details about your speaking topics.

Remember, branding legitimizes your entire experience as a speaker. You should aim for clever, innovative branding that communicates your unique style and proves your expertise. Are you serious and enriching? Are you interactive and entertaining? Without a logo, meeting planners will have no idea.

Where should you start?

Whether you are a full-time public speaker or you have just begun your journey, you have an important opportunity to grow. Make a name for yourself with our help. You will have access to our entire suite of professional marketing services, including a custom-designed sizzle reel and speaker packet, a beautiful, fully-responsive website, as well as in-depth branding consultations. In addition to creating a demand for your brand, our team utilizes data-driven methods and analytics in our internet marketing to bring you an impressive ROI.

You’re the speaker. We’re the marketing experts. Let’s work together to get you booked. Contact Identity Dental Marketing today to schedule your complimentary marketing planning session.

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