Your Actions Today Influence the Future of Your Business

Last year, I hosted a live logo evaluation on Facebook. Doctors and clients would send logos for me to evaluate based upon my own personal preferences and my expertise in the field. The event went really well, with many enjoying the free guidance and fun atmosphere.

A year passed and I nearly forgot about the event. The day to day workings of Identity continued on without any related changes. In other words, the energy I put into that event didn’t seem to deliver any return on investment.

Just recently however, one of the participants in that live event (in case you were wondering, his logo was pretty good from what I remember) reached back out to me and introduced me to his team. He remembered the event and myself fondly.

For some, this may not seem like a big deal. But for me, it validated one of my “Rizz-isms”: a belief I’ve held for a very long time. There is such a thing as “Business Karma”.

The word karma and it’s meaning has been changed and disputed so many times by so many different groups that it may mean something different to you than it does to me. To me, karma, and especially business karma is not some kind of tit for tat mentality.

Business Karma isn’t about doing good things just because you expect them to come back to you. It’s important to approach business with the understanding that positive intention means a lot. It should be implemented every day, into everything you do. Where your actions are coming from is just as important as what the actions are, because anything that goes in to your business, good or bad, is going to come back out.

For my own business, this belief means that I sometimes dedicate a lot of work and energy without seeing an immediate and direct return on my investment. This doesn’t mean I invest carelessly, or ignore sound business advice, but simply that I have the patience to wait for my work to pay off.

The moments when that input becomes success is one of the best feelings in the world for any business owner. I know it certainly is for me. However, that feeling only comes from consistent and well guided effort. Make inputting into your business a part of your life and a part of your journey. In time, you’ll see the rewards.

Because I believe so strongly in the idea of Business Karma, I want to input into your business too. Schedule a complimentary marketing planning consultation, where we’ll have a conversation about how best to grow your business.

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