Google Removes Sidebar Ads

In the latter part of February 2016, Google updated its desktop search platform by removing the sidebar, “Right Rail,” Google Ads section. Now, Google advertisements are displayed either at the very top of one’s screen, within the top 3-4 results, or at the very bottom. This update makes competition higher and drives up rates for Pay-per-Click (PPC) campaigns.


Those who utilize PPC/Google Adwords marketing will experience the largest impact from this update. If your ad wasn’t in one of the top seven positions in the Right Rail, you’ll notice a drop in impressions. Why? Whereas the old Google layout accommodated 11 Adword spots; the new one only accommodates up to 7. 

However, the updated advertising location, particularly for those that land spots at the top page of the search, will likely result in more effective Google advertising. Consumers are more likely to click through the options at the top of the page than they are on the side.

With Google constantly changing, it’s best to have someone with a deep understanding of Google Adwords monitor your account; and monitor it regularly. A PPC/Adwords campaign is never static and will always require adjustments to improve the quality of the campaign.

Of course, diversifying your marketing efforts and not relying on one strategy to achieve your desired results is ideal. We recommend you invest in both organic and paid internet marketing solutions.

With questions regarding your SEM/PPC or even Organic SEO Campaigns, call us to schedule a consultation. We’re happy to evaluate your current marketing plan and provide a custom solution that will help you achieve your goals.

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