Leveraging LinkedIn to Attract New Patients


LinkedIn recently debuted LinkedIn ProFinder, their resource specifically designed to lead LinkedIn users to freelancers and independent consultants in their area. And though the new tool isn’t geared towards dentistry, it got us thinking: what can you, a dentist, do to leverage LinkedIn to attract new patients?

The Three Best Ways for a Dentist to Attract New Patients on LinkedIn

1. Keep your LinkedIn Profile Updated and Relevant

Your LinkedIn profile serves as a working resume and is a great place to list CE credentials and experience. A relevant profile includes: a fairly recent and professional photo, updated work experience and summary, lists of special professional skills, and patient testimonials. All too often, doctors have LinkedIn profiles that sit dormant and unedited for months—even years—at a time. We understand that your time is valuable. If you have a marketing director, you may ask that they update your profile quarterly. Another option is to have your marketing company evaluate your LinkedIn profile to ensure it is well written and up to date.

2. Connect with Community Members

Connecting with community members, especially current patients, is a fantastic way to stay top of mind and ask for patient testimonials that can be used in your marketing materials. LinkedIn’s easy-to-use messaging feature provides a noninvasive way to approach a satisfied patient and ask them for a patient testimonial. Furthermore, you can publish posts, share updates, and upload photos to your Network (those that you’re connected to). It’s there that you can release patient education resources or even a simple update that says something to the effect of, “Good Morning, patients! Have a great day!” These little reminders on a patient’s LinkedIn feed will keep you top of mind.

Identity Tip: Every so often, publish a post to your network with your office’s contact info along with a message such as, “We welcome new patients!” Also, if you have a referral system, LinkedIn is a great way to remind existing patients about it and entice them to take advantage of it.

3. Connect with HR Departments and Potential Referring Doctors

Connect with Human Resources representatives. Contact them suggesting in-office loyalty programs and share which insurance plans you accept. HR professionals are usually very responsive on LinkedIn, due to the nature of the platform and its direct relationship with their job descriptions. Moreover, use LinkedIn as a way to connect with potential referral sources. If you’re a cosmetic-focused dentist, connect with plastic surgeons. If you take a holistic approach to dentistry, connect with general practitioners in your area.

Identity Tip: Create a document detailing the insurance information you’d send to an HR representative and keep it on file. These messages don’t need to be extremely personalized and having a set “script” that you can send-out easily upon connecting with various HR personnel will save you a great deal of time. Again, this is a task that can be delegated to your marketing assistant or a tech-savvy team member.

Important Advice: Make sure that you have a running document with all of your online profile account information. There’s nothing worse than losing crucial account information when a staff change happens.

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