The Hard Truth: 5 Reasons Aspiring Dental KOLs Fail to Make a Memorable Impression

Many dentists, dental speakers, and consultants are determined to achieve personal brand recognition as key opinion leaders (KOLs). They may be charismatic figures with truly groundbreaking ideas, but don’t make the grade when it comes to building and leveraging a following on social media.

Here are a handful of reasons most aspiring dental KOLs fall short of the professional recognition they deserve.

They’re Invisible

Emerging thought leaders cannot achieve success if they are difficult to find. Without a social media presence, blog, or podcast, they lack visibility and credibility in the eyes of their intended audience.

Recognized experts leave their digital footprint everywhere. Their branding and messaging are consistent and on-point. Their channels are smoothly interconnected. For example, their social media posts feature a strong call to action that drives traffic to their site, which may also feature a prominent opt-in link to their email newsletter.

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They Don’t Create Live Content

Some would-be experts have no problem with social media posting but they fail to create one type of content that will push them into influencer territory: Live events. What stops them? Their topic isn’t distilled, so they ramble; they try to memorize a script, which usually sounds stilted; or they suffer from performance anxiety, which stops them before they start.

Established influencers make live Facebook events a routine part of their week. They recognize that being authentic is more important than sounding perfect, and that buoys their confidence. They don’t agonize over every syllable they utter, but they do prepare and learn to modulate their tone, pitch, and pacing. They speak on subjects they know, following a bulleted outline instead of memorizing a script. They do not fear the “GO LIVE” button because they are confident in the value they bring.

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They’re Inconsistent

Many budding thought leaders come out of the gate strong, posting and tweeting madly for a few months, and then — crickets. If no one has seen you in six months, they will assume you aren’t available or reliable.

Key opinion leaders post to various platforms on a schedule and train people to tune in. They streamline their efforts, spinning a single insight into a Facebook live event, a tweet, a blog, an infographic, and a podcast.

They might post once a week, three times a week, or more, but they know success is all about consistency. They are intentional with their use of hashtags, so their posts reach an interested audience.

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They’re Basic

Novices are more likely to share content than create it, missing opportunities to differentiate themselves. While they might see slight benefits from a service that supplies topical posts in bulk, they fail to add their brand and fade into the background.

If you want to boldly lead, stop following what is being done by others. True authorities share information that is unique, interesting, and helpful. They post content that is custom-designed to enhance their brand while sharing new information in a way that positions them as experts.

Their Website Looks Old

Beginners tend to laser-focus on their social media presence at the expense of their website. A site that looks outdated, is difficult to navigate, and is not mobile-friendly projects an unflattering image.

A KOL recognizes that their website is a digital storefront, and that social media, SEO, and advertising are waypoints. Their site is clean and well-organized, reflecting their brand with a modern sensibility. Pages are updated regularly and align with the ever-changing demands of Google and other search engines.

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They Try to Go It Alone

Many aspiring trailblazers believe they can build a recognizable brand on their own. Determined to save money, they fail to realize that the wrong strategy will cost them more in the end. When their brand-building blitz cuts into business and family time, many give up or burn out.

The old saying, If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep getting what you’re getting applies here. Successful opinion leaders understand the value of a marketing team in positioning their brand .For help with launching your leadership value on a wider stage, or to engage me as a motivational speaker, email or fill out our contact form. And join our Facebook group, Dentistry’s Growing with Grace.

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