What You Can Expect from Identity Dental Marketing

When shopping around for a marketing company to help you market your practice, what things would you consider? At Identity, we’ve already predicted some of the things that would matter most to you. We offer personal customer service and a customized plan based on your goals and vision. We also have an impressive turnaround time and we value the deadlines we set.

We’ve heard that when dealing with other marketing companies, it can be difficult got a hold of someone who knows you personally or understands your vision.  Are you sick of paying for a website that is prefabricated for the masses instead of customized for your brand and goals?

At Identity, your needs come first. We are available for you and keep a constant line of communication open so that you may have the ability to make requests or ask questions about anything regarding your marketing campaign.

At Identity, we tailor our recommendations to achieve your personal goals and vision for your practice. We design your website to custom order and involve you in the design process.

What are your goals for your practice? Gaining more unique visitors to your website (and in turn, more patients)? Expanding your reach to neighboring towns? Or setting up a mobile website for easy access? Regardless of where you are in the development of your business, we are here to help you define your goals if needed, and then achieve them.

You may be surprised to learn that we offer services without long term contracts. That’s right: NO LONG TERM CONTRACTS. We understand that you are not just dentist but also a manager and business owner. There are many responsibilities and decisions to be made when thinking about the right path for your practice. We understand the importance of your business, your time and your money which is why we offer no long term obligations. Our goal is to help you achieve the goal at hand and then create new goals. As a result, our clients are loyal and have seen a noticeable improvement in new patient flow and efficiency.

We are sure you will be happy that you have been introduced to us. Contact us for more information or to get started!

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