SEO as of Today

Back when I started offering SEO, very few people knew what it was. Now the word gets thrown around on a daily basis by people who don’t fully understand it.

Recently, a major SEO blog report came out saying a few things that have turned people upside down and made my life a little more exciting. They are reporting that the keyword heavy domains and inbound links (backlinks) no longer matter as much.

People need to realize something very important. Just because the strength of a factor decreases, doesn’t mean you should throw it out the window and never utilize that strategy again. I promise you that if there are 2 websites that are EXACTLY the same in terms of amount of content and on-site SEO, one having quality, inbound links and the other having none, the site with the inbound links will rank higher. This is also true for the keyword relevant domain name.

Years ago, you only needed a few ranking strategies to get ranked. This is because the online competition was much lower. Many dentist and small business owners didn’t value the power of internet marketing mostly because they couldn’t comprehend it. Now that everyone’s caught on, it’s especially important to have an SEO consultant that can implement a VARIETY of strategies.

This protects you from these algorithm changes that are reported regularly. Stop panicking and worrying so much about your actual ranking. Instead, find someone with a proven track record that can show you real results.

You’ll also want to make sure your website has the most important CONVERSION factors. This means implementing strategies on your website to turn visitors into actual patients.

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