New Year’s Resolution Check-In

I’m going to say something that may shock you.

January is almost over.

If you are like me, you’re probably wondering where the time went. You may also feel a slight sense of guilt as you realize you’re not quite as far along in your New Year’s Resolution as you would like to be. As we move into February, it’s important to evaluate how you’re doing on your goals. Are you still going strong, or have you begun to taper off? Have you even started?

Sometimes when we begiDental Marketingn on our resolution plans, we realize that there is a major difference between knowing you want to change and knowing how to achieve the goal in a realistic way. Saying, “I want to see my business grow”, is a great ambition to have, but it probably isn’t going to provide you with enough direction to accomplish anything significant.

To give you a more solid understanding of the changes you want to make and generate more specific goals, I’d like you to take a look at the following questions.

1.) How often do you assess the weaknesses in your company? Have you seriously sought out and considered ideas for improving processes, policies, and procedures in your business lately?

2.) Does every decision and idea go through you before being implemented in your business? What effect is this having on productivity?

3.) Do you focus more on the “rules” of your business than on the values your team should all share?

4.) When was the last time you challenged your team to go above and beyond?

5.) How clear of a communicator are you? Could you improve?

6.) Do you wish you could make decisions faster, or more thoughtfully?

7.) Do you actually listen to your team’s feedback? Do you give them the opportunities for feedback that they need?

8.) Are you afraid to admit your mistakes and acknowledge when a decision you made needs to be changed?

9.) Are you willing to seek outside guidance when you and your team don’t have the answers?

10.) When was the last time you thought about your motivation techniques and how each person on your team may react to them?

11.) Have you ever found yourself delaying a tough conversation?

12.) Have you been putting off marketing for your practice because of your need for perfection, or fear of the unknown, or the notion that it’s easier to stick with what you have than to find something new that actually works?

Not all of these questions may apply to your situation, but I’ll bet that at least one of them got the gears turning in your mind. If so, you’re on your way to honing your resolutions and creating a real action plan to accomplish them.

Whether you need help hammering out that plan, implementing the necessary changes, or even if you just want a supporter to help you through the process, we are here for you.

Figure out exactly what you want to change and how to make it happen with Identity Dental Marketing. Schedule your call with Grace today.

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