9 Quick Tips For Your Facebook Success

You’ve heard it dozens of times: as a business owner, you need to be on Facebook. In truth, this can feel confusing and frustrating to many dentists and doctors that simply do not have the time or desire to post photos or contribute online. Below are nine tips that will help you control your social media marketing without letting it control you.

  1. Plan your posts. Delegate this to a team member and allow them to show you their custom content for approval before it goes live.
  2. Keep it real. Ensure your social media content is relatable. Don’t always post professional headshots for day-to-day material. Try to snap a photo or two of your team while they smile at work.
  3. Keep it happy! Post about birthdays and work anniversaries, or even fun facts about your team. This helps patients feel like they know you better and builds their loyalty. Try to avoid negativity when possible.
  4. Post patient videos. Patient testimonials are a fantastic way to get positive attention. Incentivize your patients to post their stories, and make sure they tag your office.
  5. Make it a game! Have fun with your Facebook experience by running contests for likes, shares and reviews. Engage and reward your team and patients. We also recommend quarterly campaigns to build viral exposure online by donating to charities or highlighting a time-sensitive offer.
  6. Leverage live video. Facebook Live is an incredible resource. Let a team member interview you live. Don’t forget to engage with viewers who are watching in real time!
  7. Join local groups. Parents often ask health-related questions on forums and look for the opinions of their trusted friends online. Build relationships with your community by posting regularly in local groups.
  8. Advertise. Paid campaigns are just as important as organic clicks. Our team can help you set up campaigns to reach the best market for your individual practice goals.
  9. Just do it. Even if every post isn’t ground-breaking news, stay active online. Post at least once a week. This helps to show search engines like Google that your business is both real and actively engaging. This also contributes to your search rankings when paired with an optimized website and SEO campaign.

    If you have questions about improving your social media marketing, we invite you to reach out to our team at Identity Dental Marketing. Schedule a complimentary marketing planning session with us today.

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