Identity Dental Marketing Implements Digital Delegation System for Unparalleled Results

Identity Dental Marketing, dentistry’s most trusted marketing agency, utilizes digital delegation workflows to ensure the best possible results. These workflows are updated daily to ensure every service offering is completed fully and reviewed by management. These processes are adjusted as new SEO strategies are discovered, as a response to new service offerings (such as Google’s new Local Service Ads), and to consider Google algorithmic changes.

“It’s become apparent that very few marketing agencies are built to scale. They often outsource work, implement reactive communication, and often lack quality control measures. As they grow, their systems don’t hold up and as a result, their businesses and reputations implode,” said Grace Rizza, Founder and CEO of Identity Dental Marketing. “By ensuring that every single task has a deadline, detailed instructions, trained professionals for execution, and long-standing managers reviewing each item, NO ACCOUNT goes without supervision and proper attention.”

By utilizing digital delegation, detailed instructions, quality control audits and manager approvals, Identity Dental Marketing can assure each client that every service provided is completed. The stats reinforce the importance of these processes. Identity has a 97% success rate in achieving top 3 rankings on Google within 6 months and a 98% success rate on client renewal rate beyond the initial 6 month program.

Whether a client is investing in a logo, website, or a custom digital marketing campaign, they can rest assured that the work will be done and the communication will be on point. 

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About Identity Dental Marketing:

Identity Dental Marketing is a trusted digital marketing agency providing customized solutions for dental professionals. With an expert marketing team and innovative strategies, Identity Dental Marketing helps dentists establish a strong online presence, attract new patients, and grow.

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