Facebook Scammers & How to Be Aware of Their Tricks

A new scam has hit Facebook Messenger and its a hard one to detect. The goal of the scammer is to get you to click a link.

The scams look to be a message or warning from Facebook / Meta itself. However, at a closer look, it’s simply a page or profile someone intentionally named “Meta Business Support,” or a variation meant to look like an official Meta entity.

The message, as shown below may notify you that your business page has been disabled or have other threatening verbiage. There are 3 ways to confirm this is nothing to be concerned about.

  1. When you click on the icon / name of the sender, it will direct to a page that is no longer active. This indicates that the scammer created the page, and has since been disabled due to multiple people reporting it as fake.
  2. It will send you to a link that is NOT Facebook.com or an official URL of Meta. You can see where a link leads you by hovering on the link on a desktop computer or inspecting the link before clicking on it.
  3. You can also prove a message such as this is fake by visiting your own Facebook Business page and seeing for yourself that it’s still live.

In a world of scammers, spammers and liars, it’s helpful to stay in the know for these types of malicious activities. Be sure to subscribe to updates in our Facebook group to stay up to date on these issues, allowing yourself to be protected and aware.

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