How to Put on a Successful Webinar

Webinars are online seminars that allow for intimate, live interaction between the presenter and an audience anywhere in the world: No hotels or plane tickets, no crazy logistics, no hefty registration fees. What an easy way to build a brand and a reputation.

Webinars are also an effective way to develop new patient or client leads because registration automatically captures email addresses. Here are some tips for launching an effective webinar. 

Promote it everywhere. From targeted paid ads to a banner on your website and social media posts, spread the word. Send out invitations to your target audience several times, including a half-hour before the event starts via automated email. Consider sending a press release to industry or community news outlets.  

Put effort into your webinar. An effective presentation builds trust in your brand. Make it focused, information-rich, and visually captivating; you will gain traction as a KOL in your specialty or as the go-to dentist in your community. Include graphics of key points, images of technology, and videos such as testimonials. If you do use videos, however, keep in mind that some computers and phones will render them well and others will not.

Effective webinars have “legs.” You can easily convert your best content into blog posts, social media posts, infographics, and videos. Be sure to link to the recorded webinar. 

Take technical glitches in stride. Lagging audio, frozen video, slides that refuse to show up — these things happen, and these days people are quite forgiving of live technology. Don’t dwell on it and don’t mention it more than once. This will make for smoother post-production editing, if you choose to add that step before posting.

Consider recording your webinars. Create a YouTube channel of your best presentations and link to them on your website. However, when promoting these recordings, provide links to your website to drive traffic there. If your presentation has some glitches, consider hiring an editor (or use editing software) to smooth out the gaps.

Do not be discouraged by a light turnout. Use it as a growth opportunity to improve your next presentation. Create reports on who tuned in, what questions people asked and any feedback they gave. If you put your presentation on YouTube, it will likely build an audience as you continue your series.

Consider adding a partner

It is generally a smart idea to have a co-host or moderator who can keep the conversation flowing, monitor comments, or screen audience questions. That individual can show themselves or be anonymous behind a full-screen logo. 

You will also need help marketing your webinar. For custom registration pages, branded presentations, and automated email reminders, turn to the team at Identity Dental Marketing. We create robust live event marketing, press releases, and follow-up that gets results. Learn more about our proven strategies and set up a complimentary marketing planning session at

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