How to Build Social Media Demand Through Facebook Live

Facebook Live is an effective tool to increase awareness of your dental practice. Going live regularly engages viewers with original content for much longer than a typical post. It presents a unique opportunity to educate patients, build brand awareness, and generate new patient leads.

The Identity Dental Marketing team has helped thousands of dental clients develop a strong social presence with tools like customized posting and a year’s worth of live video prompts, the 52 Week Video Marketing Series. Here are some of our key takeaways on doing a Facebook Live event.

How Often to Post Live on Facebook

To build a social media following through live videos, it is important to be consistent. Develop a format and post on a schedule. I suggest a live post once weekly and building up from there. Turn it into a habit: Pencil in specific times to do a live event on your calendar or practice management system. Create a theme, if you would like: Fun Facts Friday or Monday Motivations. You can always post more frequently as you become more comfortable. 

Easy Ways to Develop Engaging Facebook Live Content

The more important task is to make your live posts interesting — something people want to watch. My advice: don’t overthink it. I know that’s easy for me to say, as I go live all the time, often spontaneously. I have years of practice and no shortage of topics to share. I don’t worry about whether my makeup and wardrobe are camera-ready; however, I am sensitive to the fact that most people need time to ponder topics, look and feel their best, and sketch out what they are going to say. 

If you are wondering what to address in your live posts, consider this nearly foolproof topic that anyone can use: Frequently Asked Questions, or FAQs. As a dentist, you are probably asked the same questions again and again. Make a mental note of the most common queries and address them on camera naturally, as you would talk to a patient.

As you become more comfortable talking on camera, you can branch out to address more complex topics. Always remember that people don’t expect perfection; they want to see the genuine you answer their most pressing questions.Identity Dental Marketing can help you create and carry out a rock-solid  social media strategy that suits your needs and goals. To learn more about this and all of our dental marketing services, contact Grace Rizza directly at and schedule a complimentary consultation.

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