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An important notification for Dental Google Ads in 2021-2022

Google Building – Featured with Article about Google’s New Requirements for ID verification – From Trusted Dental Marketing Agency – Identity Dental Marketing.

Your Google Ad performance is important to us. In order to keep your ads account live, Google will be systematically requesting that you verify your Identity.

Personally, I believe this is in response to their recent fraud. For the first time in 13 years of dental marketing, I started to hear about credit card hackers using stolen card information to run advertisements. It seems like the world’s dumbest crime to me, but who I am to judge the intelligence of criminals?

It seems like you could trace where the money was leading or who owned these criminal’s accounts, but apparently it’s not that simple. Now Google doesn’t come out and admit this, but it’s just my suspicion as the cause of the new identity verification requirement.

When your account is prompted by Google, our team will handle this for you at no additional charge to you. Can you believe some agencies are charging for this support? Yes, it’s time involved beyond the scope of work but it’s necessary to keep your ads live.

First, we will ask you for proof of Identity. Google Accepts:

  • Driver’s License (with color photo)
  • State ID (with color photo)
  • US Passport / Passport Card
  • Green Card

Google is also requiring your Employer Identification Number (EIN) for the practice, and a photo or copy of a document with proof of organization. Below are the types of documents that are accepted. 

  • W-9
  • IRS Verification Letter (CP 575)

We know it’s annoying. We promise we aren’t creating more work for you, but doing our best to limit your time involved in managing and optimizing your marketing. We’re always here for you, if you have additional questions or need support, please contact us.

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