Dental Curse Words

There are certain words that will instantly invoke fear in your patients on a psychological level.  These words will make their visit less enjoyable and have them focusing on their fears versus the end result of having a beautiful and healthy smile. Using these words in a conversation with a new patient can discourage them from scheduling.

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No matter your type of practice, specialty or niche, your team should be warned against using these words. Download these dental curse words and print them out for your team members.

  1. Drill – Instead say: “remove decay”
  2. Probe/Probing – Instead say: “evaluate gums” or “complete examination”
  3. Inject/Injection/Shot – Instead say: “provide anesthesia” or “numb”
  4. Procedure – Instead say: “treatment” or “care”
  5. Pain/Hurt – Instead say: “discomfort”
  6. Rot/Rotted Out – Instead say: “infected area”
  7. Needle – Instead say: “numb”
  8. Pull the tooth – Instead say: “remove”
  9. Incision – Instead say: “treat” (They often don’t want that many details)
  10. Technical Jargon – Instead of “abutment” say, “neighboring tooth/teeth”. Using jargon confuses and frustrates the patient.

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