Scams, Threats, and Things to Watch Out For

Lately, I’ve been experiencing more and more of our clients forwarding us emails, invoices and letters from outside marketing companies that are just plain unethical.

I’ve seen advertisements that look like invoices. I’ve seen countless companies spamming my clients about Google changes and how they “better be aware of this major change that is coming up!”

I’ve even mistakenly signed myself up for a “free directory listing” that was NOT free. Maybe you’ve seen this horrible company. Their logo is the YellowPages logo, except upside down.

When you don’t understand what hosting is, how your domain name is registered or what a free listing really looks like, you may fall prey to these scams. It’s also important for you to know what your SEO company does to protect you from Google changes.

We take pride in our ethical SEO services. We know that no matter what Google rolls out, our clients are protected from changes. We never send out letters or emails referencing the next big Algorithm change and how you better “hire us or you’ll disappear off the internet!”

If you get one of these messages, please send it our way. We keep a database of them and use this information to protect our clients from the liars that poorly represent the marketing industry.

Here’s a sample to look out for. At a glance, this letter made my client think she was going to lose her domain name if she didn’t renew it with them for $75! She gets annual renewal with her current company for only $11 and she is top ranking on Google because of our SEO efforts. This company, like many others is using scare tactics. If you feel scared by a message, don’t act on it.

Watch out for messages like these:


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