Google Hides Competitor Spend, Allowing for Higher Profit Margins… for them!

Grace Rizza here, CEO of Identity Dental Marketing, coming at you with some insights into the ever-evolving world of online advertising, particularly in the realm of Google Ads.

So, remember the good old days when we could peek over our competitors’ shoulders, so to speak, and gauge their ad spend to inform our own budget recommendations? Well, those days are officially a thing of the past, my friends. Yep, Google decided to pull that feature, leaving us in the dark when it comes to what your competitors are shelling out monthly.

But why, you might ask? Well, it’s not exactly a shocker if you’ve been keeping tabs on Google’s moves lately. We’ve witnessed them setting minimum ad spends in Local Service Ads for dentistry back in 2023, even when NO competition was present. And let’s not forget how they’ve required high spend for dental implant marketing keywords, despite being in a rural market with low competition.

One thing is clear, Google is going beyond mere competition, and setting their fees based on what they think you’re willing to pay.

Now, let’s talk about the elephant in the room: the pay-to-play nature of Google Ads. It’s always been the name of the game, but now more than ever, it’s crucial to roll up our sleeves and experiment with different ad spends. Starting with a budget of $2000/month might not cut it, but adding another grand could be the secret sauce to unlocking those consistent, high-quality leads. This is hitting low- competition markets the highest. People who could previously get results on a $1000-$2000 budget are seeing a massive decrease in results, almost over night. Leading to believe their marketing agency is simply doing something wrong. It’s not necessarily the case.

Here’s where we come in. At Identity Dental Marketing, we’ve got the upper hand. We’re running multiple dental campaigns, testing budgets in different markets, and deciphering what Google values. Our mission? To squeeze every last drop of value out of your ad spend and deliver the results you deserve.

Sometimes, that means tinkering with the spend, fine-tuning the message, sweetening the offer, or even tweaking the content on your landing page. It’s all about finding that sweet spot where your ads sing and your business thrives, without breaking the bank. At the same time, we know the days of testing low budget campaigns are gone. We’re more cautious about when and how to recommend Google ads, to ensure each of our clients knows what they’re up against and is ready for the risk level required to get real results.

So, fellow dental warriors, fear not the changes in the Google-sphere. Embrace them, adapt, and let’s navigate this ever-shifting landscape together. After all, the only constant in marketing is change, right?

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