Tips for Responding to a Negative Dental Review

Dentists, like any other healthcare professionals, are bound by strict HIPAA regulations when it comes to discussing patient information. This can make responding to negative reviews a tricky task, as dentists are not allowed to mention a patient’s name or confirm or deny if they were ever a patient. However, there are still ways for dentists to address negative reviews in a professional and effective manner.

One of the best ways to respond to a negative review is to request a phone call with the individual who wrote it. This shows that the dental office is open to professional correspondence and is willing to address any concerns the patient may have. It is important to note that in many instances, the patient may not call, but the request alone demonstrates a willingness to listen and resolve any issues.

When crafting a response to a negative review, it is important to remember that each response should be unique. Each review is different, and the response should be tailored to address the specific concerns raised in the review. Dentists should also make sure to maintain a kind and professional tone throughout the response.

Properly handling negative reviews is a skill that is crucial for protecting a dental practice’s reputation. One of the best strategies for addressing negative reviews is to bury them with authentic positive reviews. By responding to negative reviews in a kind and professional manner, dentists can help build their brand even in the face of unfair public criticism.

In summary, responding to negative reviews can be a challenging task for dentists, but there are ways to address them in a professional and effective manner. Dentists should request a phone call with the individual who wrote the review, craft unique and tailored responses, maintain a kind and professional tone, and bury negative reviews with authentic positive reviews. By following these strategies, dentists can protect their reputation and build their brand even when faced with unfair public criticism.

Example: Dr. Smith rescheduled my appointment 3 times! Save your time and money and find a dentist who can keep his appointments!

Response: Good afternoon. We’re unable to confirm your identity or specific situation due to laws pertaining to healthcare providers (HIPAA). It is our policy to always honor our commitments. It’s very rare that we need to reschedule an appointment after it’s been set. We do our best to see you at your scheduled appointment time and value and respect your time. If you have a specific instance you’d like to discuss with us, please feel free to contact us.

Example: I had a horrible experience with Starz Pediatric Dentistry! My child was crying the entire time and the assistant said, “Well it’s good she’s crying so that we can see inside her mouth.” The people here need training on how to care for children! This was after waiting for an hour to be seated.

Response: Hello and thank you for your feedback. We do not have a patient with this name and have no record of a situation matching this description. It is our policy to always treat our patients at their scheduled appointment time. In addition, our team has received a great deal of training in treating kids and ensuring they have a positive dental experience. If this was not your experience, please know we did everything we could to provide a positive experience for your child. Please feel free to call our team to discuss the specifics of your appointment. We’re always looking for opportunities to improve our care.

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