I’ve Been Running My Ads for 2 Months, Where Are the Results?

Why are my ads not working?

Like ALL marketing methods, paid digital advertising takes time to work.

Usually in the third month, the campaign has matured past its learning phase and will begin to produce the expected results.

As time goes on, personalized tweaks will be implemented to the campaign allowing our team to best utilize your marketing ad spend.

Remember in medium level competition markets, it costs about $200 to bring in a new patient without a low cost/ cheap offer. A budget of $1000 for a general new patient after 3 months may bring in 5 new patients per month, and that’s with competence in conversion with the front office team members.

These are only estimates. In higher competition areas or for higher competition keywords (cosmetics/implants/Invisalign), these expectations don’t apply.

Verbal skills are imperative for converting a lead to a long lasting, loyal patient. Conversion for patients who came in from ads are a little more challenging than those who came in referred by their mom, sister or colleague. We recommend always having someone listen to and give feedback on calls. Let us know if you’d like support with this. We can refer a trusted colleague.

If you’re in month 1 or 2, it’s too soon to be critiquing the ads. If your budget is below $1000/month or you expect more than 5 new patients from a $1000 budget, you may not have fair expectations for how this marketing works.

Ads are too expensive for me, what else can I do?

SEO is the most cost effective marketing solution in most towns, costing under $1,000 / month in most cases and once in top 3 for main search terms, bringing in 10+ new patients. It does take at least 6 months and a competitive number of reviews.

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