Dental benefits can be frustrating.
Give your patients the gift of information.

Identity Dental Marketing

What do your patients need to know about dental benefits?

How many times have you been asked “What do my dental benefits cover”? How many times have you had your patients decline necessary treatment just because their dental benefits “didn’t cover the procedure”? How many times have you wished there was an easier way to explain dental benefits to your patients?

Grace Rizza and Identity Dental Marketing understand. We’re here for you.

We’ve put together a convenient, educational and entertaining resource for you to show your patients what they need to know about dental benefits…or the lack thereof.

Dental Insurance. The Good. The Bad. The Unnecessary.
An original designer book by Grace Rizza

One book: $21.00 each
5 books: $20.00 each
10 books: $18.00 each
25 books: $16.00 each