When investing in any kind of marketing for your dental practice, you MUST implement a way to track your results.

Yes, you can easily implement a tracking phone number, but this just isn’t enough.

We recommend training your team to ask a how a new patient has heard about your practice. We also recommend teaching your front desk team to run monthly and annual reports outlining the number of new patients seen, how each has heard about you and the production from each patient. (Production report can be run annually.) We can help your team in reporting and creating a simple system for accurate tracking and reporting.

Without these numbers, you won’t truly understand how your marketing dollars are working for you.  We’ve implemented a way to help our clients to easily see which marketing strategies are truly working by calculating the following for each referral source:

  1. Average cost to acquire a new patient
  2. Average production per new patient
  3. Level of risk for each marketing venture
  4. Whether to keep or drop a marketing effort

Each and every dental marketing strategy should be providing a quantitative return on investment.  We can help you get your marketing dollars working for you.

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