Snapshot Dental Call Scoring

Identity Dental Marketing

Our snapshot phone recording service is an affordable solution that will provide you with quick insight into how your team is handling patient calls. 

As a result, your team’s phone conversion rates will improve, and the results of your marketing campaign will be enhanced. It will help you to identify which team members should be handling new patient calls, and provide clear feedback as to how your team can improve. 

Benefits Include: 

  • Improved Marketing ROI
  • Improving patient satisfaction and enhancing their experience
  • Team growth and development

What is call scoring?

Call scoring is the process of evaluating the performance of your front office employees when they are interacting with patients. It involves recording call data, analyzing and scoring it according to a set of standards, including:

  • Quality of patient interaction
  • Accuracy of lead verification and referral sources 
  • Call conversion 
  • And more

Call scoring helps you identify areas where your team needs improvement and make changes to their training or processes.

How does the Snapshot Call Recording system work?

The Snapshot Dental Scoring system will use your primary contact number or a specified number of your choice to track incoming new patient calls. Each month, we will monitor and score five of these calls, in order to provide you with accurate and impartial feedback. This data will then be compiled into a concise monthly report, for your reference.

Snapshot Dental Scoring Pricing

The Snapshot Dental Scoring service provides a simple and effective way to monitor and score dental calls. The service includes a one-time setup fee of $600, as well as a monthly investment of $300. This includes monthly call observation, scoring, and reporting. 

With our Snapshot Dental Scoring system, you will see an improvement in your marketing results and call conversion, making your practice more profitable and improving the experience of both your patients and team members.