What are NFC Business Cards?

Identity Dental Marketing

Just like your standard business card, only better. Integrating digital technology with high quality printing, NFC Business cards create a great first impression unlike anything else.

When tapped against NFC enabled devices - that’s most smartphones and tablets - your business card’s embedded (and invisible) chip will trigger a digital action. You can program your website to instantly open, or direct your customers to a custom link, like your social media profiles. The choice is yours.

Power up your reputation with this high tech take on the traditional business card by Identity Dental Marketing and create lasting connections with everyone who gets your card.

Add any link:

If it has a URL, you can link it. Share your website, portfolio, event invite, or even your favorite video.

Promote your business:

People can save your contact details, or call right away simply by tapping your card.

Grow your networks:

Show off your amazing social media presence and gain a following with a single tap.

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