Grace Rizza on Common Dental Marketing Scams

Grace Rizza of Identity Dental Marketing joins the Dental Hacks to talk about something we should all be aware of. Grace has all kinds of ideas about all kinds of marketing, but in this episode we focus on marketing scams pointed at dentists! It’s really insightful and really entertaining! In today’s episode we discussed:

  • How and why Grace entered into the dental marketing field
  • Hijacking leads (what is a “lead?”)
  • Fear mongering sales tactics (will you go to jail if your website isn’t ADA compliant?)
  • “Hit and run” dental marketing agencies
  • Google Ad spend scams
  • Pay-per-lead scams and why you should never pay per lead
  • Website directory scams
  • Why annual contracts (and all contracts) should be avoided
  • There is no such thing as a free website
  • Why Grace thinks DIY courses are a bad idea
  • Grace’s take away points:
    • avoid contracts
    • retain ownership of website hosting and domains
    • understand the basics, expectations and timelines of marketing
    • track your new patient referral sources
    • hold quarterly meetings with your marketing team
  • Grace offers complimentary marketing planning sessions to give you an idea what she might be able to do for you! Send email to: or head over to the Identity Dental Marketing website!