What is Ethical SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the processes required to get a website to increase its ranking on search engines such as Google. When done properly, SEO often yields the highest return on investment for dentists. If your website is ranked first on Google, prospective patients can easily find you just by searching for a dentist in their town. If you are not coming up on the top 5 results of Google, you can assume that your potential patients searching online are choosing from your competition. Many marketing companies practice SEO, however we don’t feel most practice Ethical SEO. Ethical SEO offers protection from exclusion on Google (blacklisting) and other search engines. It also provides a more permanent form of investment at an affordable price, look for More Information here.

How We Are We Different?

Identity Dental Marketing offers the best, most effective SEO that will get you to the top of Google, while keeping it ethical. What is Ethical SEO?

  • Permanent Results
  • Diversified Backlinks
  • Higher R.O.I.
  • Transparent Service
  • No Long Contracts

Permanent SEO

Many SEO companies build your online presence on their own platform. Once you pause or end your campaign, they remove the presence that you’ve paid for. By doing this they force you to depend on them to maintain your position on Google. With us, the only way you’ll lose your ranking is if your competition outranks you, not because of something we’ve taken away. By this we mean that our efforts are permanent. Instead of renting a place on Google you are paying for efforts that will continue to help your website ranking no matter who you work with in the future.

Diversified Backlinks = Protection

We build diversified backlinks, which protect you from blacklisting (penalization from Google) and Google algorithm changes. Google is constantly making changes as to which kind of backlinks are more powerful. By using a diversified approach, we protect you from those changes.

Return On Investment

As you may know, dental advertising used to be illegal. That’s right. You weren’t allowed to promote your practice. As a result, many people still don’t understand the benefits of professional oral health care. Nowadays, people expect you to stand out. Hundreds, maybe even thousands of people IN YOUR TOWN are searching for you online. Our SEO plans are more affordable and more effective than any other form of advertising, giving them the highest return on investment to date.


Providing ethical SEO means we are transparent about our services. We will make these services tangible and help you understand the kinds of efforts that are being accomplished every month. At the end of each month, you will receive a report generated by Google, which shows your website performance. You will be able to see the results of our efforts.

No Long-Term Commitment

We know that by getting you results, you’ll want to work with us more. We don’t lock you into a long term contract and we take pride in knowing that all of our clients are with us because they are happy with our services, not because they are locked into a contract.

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