Attract Up to 30 New Patients

You’ve finally considered sponsoring a fest or hosting an event in your office, but what’s next? Maybe it seems overwhelming to plan and execute everything involved. Maybe you have been participating for years, but you’re not really getting any new patients from your event. Let us help.

We’ll start by learning about your goals. Maybe you just want a new way to attract new patients. Perhaps you want to sponsor a local event, but you don’t have the proper marketing materials and signage to get noticed. We continue by helping you decide on the right promotional materials that will create a profitable return on your investment.

We don’t typically recommend everything we can imagine. We know just what works, without over-spending.

Successful in-office and out-of-office events depend on planning. Let’s work together to get you press coverage, new patients and even give back to the community. Want more information about how to attract 15-30 new patients with an event? Contact us today for a free consultation.