Case Studies

“I no longer feel like I’m guessing…”

A letter from Dr. Matt Allen, Godley Station Dental

It’s been our mission for many years to provide an exceptional experience for each of our patients. We’ve spent quite a bit of time evaluating how to continually improve the patients’ comfort level.

Prior to meeting Grace Rizza and the team at Identity Dental Marketing, we had several marketing companies managing various aspects of our online and print marketing. We’ve done tracking of new patient referrals and used that information to gauge the general effectiveness of each campaign. Even with these numbers, there was a bit of uncertainty as to how well our marketing was working.

After meeting the Identity Dental Marketing team, we began to streamline our promotions, online presence, brand, events and strategy. I no longer feel like I’m guessing with our messaging or strategies. We have a plan and a method for tracking and evaluating the effectiveness of each campaign.

My new patient acquisition cost has come down, we’ve eliminated marketing strategies that weren’t yielding a strong enough return and we’ve improved both our internal and external marketing strategy. We’ve grown to the point where we’ve hired an internal marketing manager who works with Identity Dental Marketing to accelerate our growth and market our many benefits locally.

Our marketing methods are no longer scattered. We have a monthly coaching call to discuss the results of our campaigns, come up with new ideas and keep our business moving in the right direction. We’ve hired Identity Dental Marketing for support with graphics, written materials, websites, social media marketing, event and internal marketing, networking with local businesses, promoting our savings plan, Botox and other elective services, as well as direct mail campaigns, email marketing and more. Identity has offered a myriad of affordable, custom solutions under one roof and has completed each project in a very timely manner.

Just as we have spent a great deal of time ensuring our patients experience a high level of satisfaction and communication, Identity Dental Marketing has invested in their processes to ensure the same care for dentists. I highly recommend them to any dentist looking to grow.

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