There’s no better time to plan your marketing for 2013. It’s never too late to re-evaluate. We hope this information helps to get you on the right track.  We’ve spent some time evaluating trends and we have a list of ideas to boost your marketing campaign in 2013.

Dental Marketing tips for 2013
Dental Marketing Ideas 2013

2013 Dental Marketing Tip #1

Consider your team. Have you added any new employees?  Don’t assume that they know your systems. Take the time to make sure your team is trained the way you need them to be trained. Invest in marketing and sales training.  This will help your new employees contribute to the practice growth. Remember, every member of your team should be a producer in one way or another.

2013 Dental Marketing Tip #2

Connect with your patients. What does your reactivation look like?  Are you regularly getting in touch with patients that you haven’t seen in some time? Make a plan to connect with your patients at least twice per year to make sure they are receiving the dental care they need. Remember, it may be difficult for patients to get back on track with oral health if they’ve missed an appointment or 2.  Make sure they feel welcomed back.  Also, take this time to evaluate your practice and team.  Ask patients who choose not to return about the reason for this choice.  Feedback helps us all grow.

2013 Dental Marketing Tip #3

Make a set plan. Evaluate your overall performance in 2012.  Find your weaknesses and make a plan to improve in these areas. We can help you with this.  Call to set up your practice evaluation before January 1st and receive your free marketing plan at no charge.

2013 Dental Marketing Tip #4

Consider advertising. Do you have a great team that works together?  Is your brand developed and strong?  Is your website working to bring in new patients?  If you said yes to all of the above, and you’d still like to see more new patients, consider advertising options. We know what works for dentists and we can help you create an advertising campaign that stands out. Stop wasting your hard earned dollars on expensive direct mail campaigns.  In 2013, try something different.  Consider radio, fest involvement and event marketing to attract new patients.

2013 Dental Marketing Tip #5

Sell more cosmetic and elective services. Let your patients know what you have to offer.  Do you offer clear aligners, whitening, veneers or implants?  It’s time to boost your internal marketing strategies. Internal marketing can provide a very high return on investment if it’s carried out properly.  We will help you and your team help your patients receive life changing dentistry.

2013 Dental Marketing Tip #6

Add to your internet marketing campaign. Maybe you already have a website, but maybe it’s not on the first page of Google when your patients search for a dentist in your town.  Maybe you haven’t yet taken advantage of the social networking craze. Try adding video patient testimonials to make your website a powerful tool to attract new patients. Let us help you take your internet marketing to the next level. Ask about our comprehensive internet marketing plan for 2013.