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Bolded content
Strong content

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This is a definition sentence.

I say that This is an inline quote, as quoted by a cited author.

The following contains a marked or “highlighted” section of text.

The following contains deletedinserted content.

Mac users: To take a screenshot press Command+Shift+3
To make George eat an apple, select File|Eat Apple...

The following demonstrates code:

var i: Integer;
   i := 1;

E energy is equal to m mass multiplied by the c speed of light, squared.

There is

pre-styled text

in this sentence.

There’s nothing like a big, old standard blockquote.

There’s nothing like a big, old left-aligned blockquote.

There’s nothing like a big, old right-aligned blockquote.

  • An
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  1. An
  2. ordered
  3. list