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Dying but not Dead: Email Marketing in 2019

  It appears that with the influx of automation, bulk messaging and digital marketing, email has become the most dreadful form of communication. Email is synonymous with “work” in the eyes of many people, since sifting through their inbox has become a never-ending task. To interrupt the workflow of your patients or clients for your […]

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Show Your Business in Motion

For years, Google Maps only allowed users to upload still images of a business. Did you know that users today can upload short location-based videos to Google Maps with an iPhone or Android device? Showcase your practice in motion, from patients walking in the door to the advanced technology you offer, by adding 30-second videos […]

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Dental Marketing Mistake #1

What makes you different? Why do your patients stay loyal to you? These are the questions to answer when defining your brand. Once you’ve defined your core values, you will create your “branding”, the materials that support your brand (or reputation). Your branding helps your patients learn about your core values at a glance. It […]

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