Chicago Marketing Company

“Hi, I’m Alan Stern. I am a dentist, a speaker, and a coach for dentistry. I live and practice on the Jersey Shore and for the last year I have had the great privilege of being associated with Grace Rizza and her fabulous team at Identity Dental Marketing.

I can not say enough good stuff about these people. The first thing Identity Dental did for me was they established the website and marketing materials for my speaking and coaching endeavor called Better. Richer. Stronger. and now in the last few months they have redone the website for my dental practice. They are doing my marketing and in my experience in dentistry, I have not encountered a group of people who are so smart, so energetic, so passionate and such fantastic listeners as Grace and her team. I don’t know what they’re doing over there, but they’re doing it right.

What I’ve realized, I am a dentist, I’m also a dentist and I’m also a coach. I’m a lot of other things, but I know nothing about marketing. What we need to realize as professionals is that we need to focus on what we do well and we need to trust other aspects of our business to people who know what they’re doing and who also understand what we are doing and work in our best interest. That is exactly what I’ve gotten from Grace and the fabulous gentleman and ladies who work with her.

If you want to build your business, if you want a team behind you that treats you like their only client and priority, do not hesitate to call these people. You will not only won’t regret it, you’ll love it. Every encounter I have with them is delightful, informative, reassuring and productive. If you have any questions, ask me. Trust me on this one – call them. Like I say to my kids you’ll thank me. Success and love to all of you.”

-Alan G. Stern, DDS