Dear Friends and Clients,

During this difficult time in our lives, I want you to know, as a small dental business owner myself, I too am experiencing this difficult time with you and my team is here to support you. We are truly in this together.

Additional support from my team at this time will include:

  • Appropriate social media content for the current time
  • Support with website changes
  • Marketing and business training for your team
  • Website updates as requested completed daily whenever possible
  • Extremely special pricing on any new website designs / campaign build-outs for the rebound (it’s a great time to plan)
  • It’s a very important time for us to be managing websites, as security breaches are all too common during tragic times. Rebuilding after a security breach can be costly and time-consuming.
  • The sites need to be kept secure daily and our goal is to provide same day service with requested announcements on websites whenever possible

Financial Support:

Also, we’ll be offering a payment deferral option. This means, you can continue to have us keep your website secure, manage your SEO services and maintain your ads (but pause your ad spend, if you so choose).

With this plan, we’d refrain from charging you any fees in April or May. You agree to pay the due balance, along with your regular monthly fees over the following six months (June – November).  

This will provide the following benefits:

  • Daily Website Updates and Security
  • Support with ongoing hours, availability and services
  • No loss in progress in rankings (SEO services remain intact)
  • No lost campaigns / strategy
  • The ability to PAUSE ad spend
  • You’ll keep your grandfathered pricing and incur NO additional restart / set up fees
  • NO CHARGES until June, with NO additional fees
  • Your fees will return to normal December 1

Please fill out our secure form below informing us if you’d like to accept this offer. I sincerely hope this shows our dedication to you and our faith in your ability to rebound from this difficult time. When the time comes to turn things up again, re-strategize and carry on, WE WILL BE HERE for you.


With love and true concern,

Grace Rizza & The Identity Dental Marketing Team


This special payment option is available to clients with active SEO and Paid Ads (Google ads / Facebook Ads) or other recurring campaigns, with marketing services beyond website management alone. This deferrment option is not offered to those on minimal management plans alone.  You also have the option to keep your ad spend and redirect it to emergency search terms – AT NO CHARGE until March 27.