Shake Up Your Marketing Campaign!

Identity Dental Marketing

Take the guesswork out of creating social media content for your practice with the Identity Dental Marketing Dice. 

Whenever you’re in need of content, simply roll the dice. One die will have an ACTION on each side, such as taking a photo, or recording a video. The other die will have an ITEM, such as “highlighting a team member”, or “answering a frequently asked question”. Whatever combination is rolled will be what you’ll be working to create. 

This adds a level of fun, spontaneity, and creativity to boost your marketing that can otherwise seem like a chore at times. Let a different team member, or even a patient roll the dice every week and get your whole office involved in the fun.

Order your marketing dice today for $15.00 and get your marketing rolling.  

For example:

This roll means that your team member would record a video answering a frequently asked question. This video can be done on Facebook Live for more exposure, and can also be used on your various social media platforms, like YouTube or Instagram. For any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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