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To receive your free custom marketing plan, please select the option that best describes your practice:

  1. I feel that our team:
    1. Is well equipped to convert new patient calls into new patients, has great systems and that the office operates like a well-oiled machine.
    2. Needs help in converting leads and learning sales communication.
    3. Would need to be evaluated in order to know exactly where we stand.
  2. Our practice:
    1. Has a business name, logo that we love, tagline, matching signage and stationary.
    2. Doesn’t have a business name or logo but we don’t want it either.
    3. Is looking to expand to another location and needs branding for name recognition.
    4. Is about to be up for sale and we could use branding to increase the value of our practice.
    5. Has some branding that could use an update or redesign.
    6. Needs branding.
    7. May benefit from branding, and I’d like more information about this.
  3. Our team:
    1. Has a system for following up with patients, confirming, scheduling, treatment planning, recall and more.
    2. Can benefit from the implementation of systems.
  4. Our patients:
    1. Know that we are always accepting new patients and refer often.
    2. Rarely refer friends and family members.
  5. I am (The doctor is):
    1. Very sociable and would like information about hosting or attending an event in order to attract new patients.
    2. More introverted and prefer other methods for attaining new patients.
  6. Our advertising:
    1. Is tracked and works very well for us.
    2. Is tracked and works ok, but we feel it could do better.
    3. Works but we’d like to try something new.
    4. May or may not work. We don’t know since we don’t track it.
  7. Our website:
    1. Is beautiful, and brings in new patients often.
    2. Is nice, but doesn’t bring in new patients.
    3. Is old and needs an update.
    4. Could be better.
    5. Is non-existent.
  8. Our mobile website:
    1. Works great
    2. Needs changes
    3. Doesn’t exist
    4. …wait, what’s a mobile website exactly?
  9. I would love for my practice to see:
    1. 5 more new patients/month
    2. 10 more new patients/month
    3. 15 more new patients/month
    4. 20 or more new patients/month