Ethical Dental Marketing | Big News November 2015

Important Google Change
Google’s most recent change effects your ability to collect patient reviews.

Google recently made a change to their Google Plus platform. This change has separated its business listings from their social media platform.


Google’s attempt to make a popular social media platform has failed in comparison to Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. Instead of giving up, Google is taking another stab at making G+ popular. Finally, they are following their own rules, by keeping it simple, with one focus–social interaction. (After all, that’s what made Google successful as a search engine in the first place, a simple, clean home screen.)

Before this change, you could send your G+ link to patients, requesting a review. Now, that same link will send patients to a social media page, which does not currently feature the ability to post a review.

We have found a way to generate a link that will send your patients to the correct place to write a review. It’s not easy to get this link, as we have to jump through a few hoops. We also can create a QR code to hand out at your office, allowing your patients to post a review from their phones.

We can find and provide your new review link and QR code in the next 2 weeks to our clients for only $100. Non-Identity clients can also receive this for only $200.

Google has posted a blog about this change. Their blog post however is vague and does not explain the complication of this change or how it may effect your business. View Google’s blog here: ttps://

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