Identity Dental Marketing Offers “Jump Start” Success Package


TAMPA, Fla., January 7, 2022/PRNewswire/ — Identity Dental Marketing is now offering a “Jump Start to Success” dental marketing and branding package. The company’s talented team works with dental practices to develop a strong business brand and marketing strategy

The Success Package includes a number of valuable services including business name and tagline recommendations, a custom logo design package, custom website design, internet marketing campaign setup, Google Ads campaign setup, and more. 

“Your branding will set you apart from your competition and create the first impression for your potential patients. It is important that you consider the big picture and give yourself a strong head start. The initial branding, combined with Google and web SEO campaigns, can make or break the startup of your practice,” says Grace, CEO of Identity Dental Marketing

“We work hard as a team to ensure the success of every one of our clients. The Jump Start Success package is the ideal marketing tool to get your practice up and running”, says Tierney, a Marketing Strategist at Identity. 

About Identity Dental Marketing: Founded in 2009, Identity Dental Marketing offers custom-built designer websites, SEO, PPC, paid and organic social media marketing, video marketing, and much more. Start with a complimentary marketing planning session here: 

Media Contact:

Identity Dental Marketing

Grace Rizza, CEO

(847) 629-4646


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Identity Dental Marketing Provides Free Marketing Resources



TAMPA, Fla., December 23, 2021/PRNewswire/ — Identity Dental Marketing’s CEO Grace Rizza provides free marketing resources through her Facebook Group, Podcast and individual strategy sessions.

The Facebook group, Dentistry’s Growing With Grace, has a network of over 5,000 dental professionals. Grace provides weekly video content and prompts containing valuable dental marketing and business guidance. 

“Too often people join a group, attend an event, or set up a planning session and have come to expect a sales pitch. My process is very different. I take each conversation as an opportunity to bring value. With each interaction, I want to make a positive impact. The goal is to eliminate the fluff and get to business.” says Grace Rizza, founder and owner of Identity Dental Marketing and Dentistry’s Growing with Grace podcast. 

In addition to the Facebook group, the company’s popular podcast, “Dentistry’s Growing With Grace”, features interviews with dental professionals. Most recently, the podcast has featured names such as Dr. Lou Chmura, Dr. Michael Stella, and dozens of other known dental educators. The guests and Grace Rizza provide insight into marketing, employment, and treatment planning, among many other diverse topics. 

“As a dental practice owner, the marketing resources that have been provided to me by Identity Dental Marketing were extremely helpful. It was great to have somewhere to turn for trusted marketing advice and support,” says Dr. Paul Miller, a long term client of Identity Dental Marketing.

About Identity Dental Marketing: Founded in 2009, Identity Dental Marketing offers custom-built designer websites, SEO, PPC, paid and organic social media marketing, video marketing, and much more. Start with a complimentary marketing planning session here: 


Media Contact:

Identity Dental Marketing
Grace Rizza, CEO
(847) 629-4646

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Strategy For Exceptional Client Experience


Identity Dental Marketing
Dec 17, 2021

TAMPA, Fla., Dec. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Identity Dental Marketing has hired experienced dental clinicians and office managers bringing unprecedented dental knowledge to their written content and client experience.

In addition to adding an experienced COO to the team, owner and founder Grace Rizza, has also recruited an experienced practice owner and hygienist, dental assistant, dental marketing director and dental office manager.

“It’s important that we recruit strong marketers with all necessary credentials and experience, but it’s also vital that we never lose touch on what’s happening in the dental profession. By pairing the marketing and dental expertise, we can provide a superlative experience and optimal results for each of our dental marketing clients.”

In addition to acquiring high level dental and marketing professionals, the executive team at Identity has also successfully transitioned to a work from home environment, allowing recruitment to include national, top talent.

“The best part of my job here at Identity Dental Marketing is combining all of the aspects of dentistry to help others succeed. I love being able to use what I have learned both clinically and as a business owner”, says Diane, dental hygienist and content creator at Identity.

About Identity Dental Marketing: Founded in 2009, Identity Dental Marketing offers custom-built designer websites, SEO, PPC, paid and organic social media marketing, video marketing, and much more. Start with a complimentary marketing planning session here:

Media Contact:

Identity Dental Marketing
Grace Rizza, CEO
(847) 629-4646

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Identity Dental Marketing Customer Service – Helps Clients Navigate New Requirement

An important notification for Dental Google Ads in 2021-2022

Google Building – Featured with Article about Google’s New Requirements for ID verification – From Trusted Dental Marketing Agency – Identity Dental Marketing.

Your Google Ad performance is important to us. In order to keep your ads account live, Google will be systematically requesting that you verify your Identity.

Personally, I believe this is in response to their recent fraud. For the first time in 13 years of dental marketing, I started to hear about credit card hackers using stolen card information to run advertisements. It seems like the world’s dumbest crime to me, but who I am to judge the intelligence of criminals?

It seems like you could trace where the money was leading or who owned these criminal’s accounts, but apparently it’s not that simple. Now Google doesn’t come out and admit this, but it’s just my suspicion as the cause of the new identity verification requirement.

When your account is prompted by Google, our team will handle this for you at no additional charge to you. Can you believe some agencies are charging for this support? Yes, it’s time involved beyond the scope of work but it’s necessary to keep your ads live.

First, we will ask you for proof of Identity. Google Accepts:

  • Driver’s License (with color photo)
  • State ID (with color photo)
  • US Passport / Passport Card
  • Green Card

Google is also requiring your Employer Identification Number (EIN) for the practice, and a photo or copy of a document with proof of organization. Below are the types of documents that are accepted. 

  • W-9
  • IRS Verification Letter (CP 575)

We know it’s annoying. We promise we aren’t creating more work for you, but doing our best to limit your time involved in managing and optimizing your marketing. We’re always here for you, if you have additional questions or need support, please contact us.

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Dental Website Form Problems & Solutions

Dental Website Must-Haves: Functional Forms

Almost every modern website comes with a contact form for new dental patient acquisition. There are inherent issues with utilizing this form of communication, especially in 2022.

Dental Marketing – Email & Website Functionality – Woman on Mobile Phone

No matter which website hosting company, email hosting company, domain registrar or IT company you employ, there’s a chance that email form submissions from your Dental Website can get lost in the cyber world. With each website and campaign we set up, we test form submission and receipt prior to launch. This doesn’t however create an eternal iron clad bond between your website and your inbox. Disruptions to email form receipt can happen for many reasons, but the following steps can minimize their instances and protect you from incurring lost communication important to your patients and your profitability.

To avoid email lead transmission disruption, follow these 6 strategies:

  1. Test all of your website forms, ad campaigns, social media chat functionality, and any tracking numbers monthly. Set a reminder one team member to do this and include it in his/ her monthly report. Yes, it can be discussed at the same time you discuss last month’s new patient numbers and financial KPIs.
  2. DO NOT mark emails from your website as SPAM, even if they are SPAM. Once you inform your inbox that your website produces SPAM, you will cease to receive important patient communication.
  3. Ensure a person is checking a secure office email inbox daily. If they’re not, remove the functionality to receive leads via email.
  4. Consider TXT (text) notifications from ad campaign lead form submissions. In addition to collecting your leads in a spreadsheet and by email, you can also provide Identity Dental Marketing with your Email to Text Recipient information. Most phone service providers allow for Email to TXT functionality.
  5. Include information on your forms that patients are welcome to call your office with immediate concerns / questions. You can also include the option to Chat in real time. Many of our clients link Facebook Chat bot to their website for instant lead communication. Great news! It’s free.
  6. Consider setting up a filter or tag on your inbound messages related to patient leads. You can mark an email as “important” and set it to “never skip the inbox”. These settings are easy to set up and effective. A simple Google search related to your email provider will likely result in step-by-step instructions.

As a practicing dentist and business owner, we understand that you’re very busy. This is why we test your site’s functionality daily to keep it secure and up to date. Please remember, we cannot monitor if your team marks an inquiry as SPAM or if your website host stops communicating with your email host. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you test your site’s functionality monthly, including the receipt of form submissions.

Improve your Dental Digital Footprint

To learn more about Identity Dental Marketing, and how we go the extra mile to make your marketing work for you, set up a complimentary marketing planning session here:

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3 Reasons Marketing Agencies Want Your Ad Spend To Pass Through Their Agency

Why do they want your money to come through the agency instead of going straight to Google Ads or Facebook?

1. They can show higher overall revenues
2. Pooling dollars together allows them to seem more accomplished
3. They can hide fees

For additional dental marketing advice, join Dental Marketing with Grace

At Identity Dental Marketing, we have seen that real results come from a collaboration of dental marketing strategies. Each member of our team brings a unique skill set that will contribute to the success of your dental practice. We’re here for you!

Just a few of the services we offer include:

• Marketing for Dentists and Dental Experts
• SEO Strategies from our Dental SEO Experts
• Custom Websites for Dentists and Dental Experts
• Dental Office Marketing Consulting
• Custom Content and Designs for Internet and Print Marketing

Looking to take your dental marketing to the next level?

Contact us today for your complimentary marketing planning session: (847) 629-4646

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Grow Your Dental Practice with These Smart Tips

Change is constant, especially in the dental industry. Practices must constantly evaluate their business and innovate in order to stay ahead of the curve.

Here are some tips that will help you reach more patients and stay up-to-date with their evolving needs:

Onsite Amenities

Too often, dental practices make the mistake of appearing far too clinical. Consider making patients feel like they are a guest in your home. Remember, they are often anxious about their visit and they want to feel comfortable while they are in your office.

Welcome them with modern, innovative amenities like heated massage chairs in the examination room. Keep them comfortable by providing throw blankets and pillows. TVs installed on the ceilings and complimentary earphones can offer a safe distraction while you perform the procedure.

Dental Insurance Coverage

Many patients are turned off at the thought of visiting a dentist who is out-of-network. Whether you decide to be in-network with more plans or use targeted marketing for successful out-of-network care, you can open the door to many potential patients that may have gone elsewhere.

Many potential patients do not have a work-based dental benefits plan. Consider offering monthly payment plans, financing, or working with a third-party to provide affordable options in these cases.

When presented with an opportunity to receive care within their budget, the patients who lack insurance will be more likely to accept treatment.

New Technology

Upgraded equipment and modern technology can be a game-changer for many practices. Whether offering a quicker, more comfortable experience or ensuring a safe and effective treatment at a lower cost, employing the latest advances can help a dental practice expand while targeting patients who are anxious or have a tighter budget.

Bolstered Online Presence

The Internet provides nearly limitless ways to target and reach prospective patients in any area. Encourage them to learn more about the practice, schedule a visit, and ask questions through a branded website, social media channels, and other online resources.

In today’s economy, digital marketing is a must!

Don’t let a practice fall into the past – stay relevant by putting these advances to work. If you have questions, please contact Grace Rizza to schedule a complimentary marketing planning session.

We’ll discuss your specific growth goals and present a plan that considers your:

  • New Patient Goals
  • Brand / Reputation
  • Ideal New Patient
  • Capacity
  • Current Marketing and New Patient Flow
  • Budget

Please accept this opportunity to schedule a complimentary marketing planning session at your convenience by clicking here. If none of the available options are convenient for you, please email for more info.

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Is it Time to Write an eBook?

You are on your way to becoming a key opinion leader, have a groundbreaking take on business management, or are teaching others how to run a great practice. Is it time to write an ebook? Here are tips from the experts on how to create one that sells.

Choose a topic. First, ask yourself what you really want to communicate. The topic needs to be clear and focused, and align with the needs of your target audience.

Develop an outline. There are many ways to organize ebook chapters. Some people create the kind of Roman numerical outline you perfected in school; others create idea buckets and fit all the elements – anecdotes, statistics, visuals, and concepts – into the appropriate slots. These form the basis of your chapters.

Write on a schedule. As any author will tell you, concepting is easy; the actual writing can be difficult. Many find it helpful to set aside a specific time of the day and simply flex that writing muscle. Don’t let that harsh, invisible editor in your head stop you from putting your ideas on screen; you will edit it later.

Add calls to action. Because most ebooks are business-oriented, you are not just making a point; you are selling a point. You want the book to have a purpose: to get you more speaking engagements or consulting jobs, or subscriptions to your newsletter. Whatever your underlying message, sprinkle compelling reasons to take action throughout the book.  

Edit ruthlessly! When you edit your manuscript, do so multiple times. Show it to more than one person. Consider enlisting the help of a professional copy editor to check for spelling, grammar, and flow. You may have truly breakthrough ideas that your audience can’t live without, but a spelling mistake will detract from your credibility.

Design with care. Just as you might want to hire an editor, also consider a freelance graphic designer to give the visuals some professional punch. Well-placed graphs, photos, and quotes draw the eye through the copy and make reading easier.  

Think about your goals. According to, only about one percent of all people who self-publish books make significant money at it, so it is important to write an ebook with the right motive: To help your target audience solve a problem. You may not get rich (although you might), but you will position yourself as a thought leader delivering an impressive message to a target audience.

If you are interested in marketing your ebook and promoting yourself as a dental KOL, contact CEO Grace Rizza directly at for a complimentary consultation.

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How to Create an Effective Drip Email Campaign

As a dentist or dental office manager, it is difficult to keep track of patient interactions and market your services. Emails can be an effective way to accomplish all these elements. In particular, a drip email campaign communicates the right message to the right audience at the right time. It is a tool that showcases your practice as efficient, caring, and savvy.

Email Campaigns for Dentists

Drip emails are an automated sequence of emails designed to get an audience to take a certain action or feed them information. They can be personalized with each recipient’s name and relevant details. Each campaign builds on a single message or theme, with a set number of emails deployed over a specific timeframe. 

The messages, targeted to specific audiences with “drips” of information over time, increase contact and build trust. Here are three examples:

Existing patients: Drip emails can remind patients about their upcoming semiannual appointments. Each email will contain the appointment date and time with a confirmation link. However, each will also carry a slightly different message that is engaging, enlightening, and educational. 

For example, the initial email can present information about team members with a link to your About Us page; the second can link to your newsletter or request a follow on social media; the third can discuss a new piece of equipment in the office; a fourth can reinforce the safety measures you follow or introduce a promotion. The final email can be a thank-you after the appointment with a link to your Google review page.

Highlighting your services: Drip emails are a low-pressure way to increase awareness of your higher level services such as cosmetic procedures, clear aligners, sleep apnea treatments, and sedation dentistry. 

Before treatments or procedures: If a patient has been scheduled for a procedure, such as a filling, teeth bleaching, or a crown, you can create three emails: one explains the procedure and its benefits; a second could feature testimonials, if applicable; a third could highlight any special night-before instructions. After the procedure, you can follow a customary phone call with an emailed thank-you, aftercare instructions, and invitation to leave a review. 

Welcome new patients: It is important to make new patients feel comfortable and accepted into the “family” from the beginning. You could, for example, send an email thanking them for choosing you. The second touchpoint could be a friendly reminder of any follow-up appointments and a link to your About Us page. Other emails, say monthly or semimonthly, can highlight the different services you offer with links to each.

Email marketing can connect your audience to services pages, videos, review sites, and newsletters. It can easily direct patients to your social media and YouTube channels. 

What Makes a Successful Drip Email Campaign?

The keys to successful drip email marketing include a clever subject line that prompts your audience to open the email. The body needs a call to action without being overtly salesy. Images or videos embedded in the email can also spark interest. In addition, analyzing each campaign, or testing different subject lines and messages, can help you sharpen your focus and increase open rates. Sending out drip emails is automated, and therefore easy; the setup takes work. Do you have the time? Software can help you schedule emails and personalize the message, but setting the right tone for each type of email is an art. Contact Identity Dental Marketing to help you craft effective messages for each point in the marketing lifecycle, deploy your emails, and analyze your campaigns’ effectiveness.

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The Hard Truth: 5 Reasons Aspiring Dental KOLs Fail to Make a Memorable Impression

Many dentists, dental speakers, and consultants are determined to achieve personal brand recognition as key opinion leaders (KOLs). They may be charismatic figures with truly groundbreaking ideas, but don’t make the grade when it comes to building and leveraging a following on social media.

Here are a handful of reasons most aspiring dental KOLs fall short of the professional recognition they deserve.

They’re Invisible

Emerging thought leaders cannot achieve success if they are difficult to find. Without a social media presence, blog, or podcast, they lack visibility and credibility in the eyes of their intended audience.

Recognized experts leave their digital footprint everywhere. Their branding and messaging are consistent and on-point. Their channels are smoothly interconnected. For example, their social media posts feature a strong call to action that drives traffic to their site, which may also feature a prominent opt-in link to their email newsletter.

Do you have an organized process for leveraging your expertise online? There are many steps to building a robust online presence. Identity Dental Marketing can help with custom blog creation, email marketing, social media marketing, and more.

They Don’t Create Live Content

Some would-be experts have no problem with social media posting but they fail to create one type of content that will push them into influencer territory: Live events. What stops them? Their topic isn’t distilled, so they ramble; they try to memorize a script, which usually sounds stilted; or they suffer from performance anxiety, which stops them before they start.

Established influencers make live Facebook events a routine part of their week. They recognize that being authentic is more important than sounding perfect, and that buoys their confidence. They don’t agonize over every syllable they utter, but they do prepare and learn to modulate their tone, pitch, and pacing. They speak on subjects they know, following a bulleted outline instead of memorizing a script. They do not fear the “GO LIVE” button because they are confident in the value they bring.

If you are ready to head into the live event arena and need inspiration, check out Identity Dental Marketing’s 52-Week Video Marketing Series.

They’re Inconsistent

Many budding thought leaders come out of the gate strong, posting and tweeting madly for a few months, and then — crickets. If no one has seen you in six months, they will assume you aren’t available or reliable.

Key opinion leaders post to various platforms on a schedule and train people to tune in. They streamline their efforts, spinning a single insight into a Facebook live event, a tweet, a blog, an infographic, and a podcast.

They might post once a week, three times a week, or more, but they know success is all about consistency. They are intentional with their use of hashtags, so their posts reach an interested audience.

The key to success is publishing valuable content regularly. Identity Dental Marketing can handle your social media posting to elevate and amplify your brand.

They’re Basic

Novices are more likely to share content than create it, missing opportunities to differentiate themselves. While they might see slight benefits from a service that supplies topical posts in bulk, they fail to add their brand and fade into the background.

If you want to boldly lead, stop following what is being done by others. True authorities share information that is unique, interesting, and helpful. They post content that is custom-designed to enhance their brand while sharing new information in a way that positions them as experts.

Their Website Looks Old

Beginners tend to laser-focus on their social media presence at the expense of their website. A site that looks outdated, is difficult to navigate, and is not mobile-friendly projects an unflattering image.

A KOL recognizes that their website is a digital storefront, and that social media, SEO, and advertising are waypoints. Their site is clean and well-organized, reflecting their brand with a modern sensibility. Pages are updated regularly and align with the ever-changing demands of Google and other search engines.

Identity Dental Marketing has more than a decade of experience creating custom dental websites that grab attention and rank at the top of search results.

They Try to Go It Alone

Many aspiring trailblazers believe they can build a recognizable brand on their own. Determined to save money, they fail to realize that the wrong strategy will cost them more in the end. When their brand-building blitz cuts into business and family time, many give up or burn out.

The old saying, If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep getting what you’re getting applies here. Successful opinion leaders understand the value of a marketing team in positioning their brand .For help with launching your leadership value on a wider stage, or to engage me as a motivational speaker, email or fill out our contact form. And join our Facebook group, Dentistry’s Growing with Grace.

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