How Can Your Practice Achieve a 5-Star Reputation?

Identity Dental MarketingDid you know that your online reviews can make or break your new patient attraction? Google and Facebook reviews are a critical resource in your marketing, but often overlooked. In this blog, we explain why a 5-star reputation is important, and how to adjust your strategies to attain one.

What is a 5-Star Reputation Worth?

According to research, 90% of people read online reviews before visiting a business. Can you see why a 5-star reputation is invaluable for your practice? When patients can learn about others who have experienced excellent dental care from you and your team, they will feel more inclined to choose you. As a dentist, you have three goals in this regard — an accessible way to leave reviews, their quality, and their quantity. In addition, we recommend that you aim for a goal, such as 100 Google reviews by the end of the year.

Quick Tips to Boost Your Reviews

  • Optimized search engine listings. If patients can’t find your practice on Google, how will they be able to review you? Optimizing your search engine listings with the correct information and links can help ensure you’re receiving reviews properly. This also has the side-effect of boosting your SEO as well.
  • Testimonials and reviews on your website. While 5-star Google reviews are one priority, having testimonials and reviews as a customized feature on your practice’s website is also important. This way, you can also utilize high-quality video or written testimonials from local patients.
  • Facebook Live. Try using Facebook Live to stream a quick video, reaching out to your patients and community for their feedback and reviews.
  • QR Code in a welcome kit. After their first appointment, offer patients a card with a QR code that they can scan to leave a Google review. We can help with setting up this process.
  • Bring in the team. You’re not alone in this! Ensure your team is on-board with your goal of a 5-star reputation. Their communication skills and patient education can play a huge role in number and positivity of your practice’s reviews.
  • Care. At the end of the day, an online review is one person’s authentic opinion about your practice. If you are committed to a high-quality patient experience, then a 5-star reputation is well within reach. Listen to your patients. Make them feel important and cared about. People may not always remember what you’ve said to them, but they will never forget how you made them feel.

If you are looking for more advice on building a 5-star reputation online and attracting your ideal, new patients, we invite you to reach out us. Schedule your complimentary marketing planning session with Identity Dental Marketing today.

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The Dos and Don’ts of SEO for Dentists

Did you know that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most cost-effective and reliable strategies for attracting new patients? Your goal is for your website to be first when someone searches for a keyword such as ‘dentist near me.’ However, in the race to get to the top of Google, there are many tactics that can help (or even hurt) your rankings. Here, we detail the dos and don’ts of SEO to equip you with the knowledge to succeed.


  1. Aim for real, 5-star reviews. In an age where people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation, having both quantity and quality is key.
  2. Have one person or team managing your online presence. This helps promote brand consistency, accountability, and ensures you’re getting the visibility you need.
  3. Blog on a regular basis. Regular blogging boosts your SEO by creating more indexable pages on your website, improving your rankings for particular keywords.
  4. Have a custom-built website developed. Did you know that your website itself can be geared toward SEO? There are a myriad of behind-the-scenes strategies involved in its development process that can significantly impact your ranking potential.
  5. Build high-quality, organic backlinks. A backlink is a link that leads people from another website to your own. This includes blogs posted on other sites, optimized YouTube videos, Facebook posts, press releases, and much more.



  1. Ignore poor reviews. These can undo all of our hard work to get you ranking. Instead, ask us how you can improve your presence to attain a 5-star reputation.
  2. Pay for reviews. In a similar vein, fake or inauthentic reviews not only look obvious, but Google may also remove them.
  3. Spread your keywords too thinly. This can water down the strength of your campaign. While there comes a time when you should consider expanding your keywords to speciality cases, insurance offerings, or other aspects of your dentistry, this is typically ill-advised for the first six months of your marketing campaign.

SEO is a constantly-evolving process that, if harnessed properly, can lead to a significant boost in exposure for your dental practice and can ramp up your ROI. If you are interested in building an effective internet marketing campaign through data-driven strategies like SEO, reach out to our team at Identity Dental Marketing. Schedule your complimentary marketing planning session with us today.

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Top 5 Tips for Terrific Testimonials

Patient testimonials are an invaluable way to set yourself apart as a top dentist in your area. Once you have scheduled a few of your happiest patients to record their video testimonial, you’ll want to maximize the use of their time to create a strong, compelling video. We’ve gathered our top five tips for recording high-quality patient testimonial videos.

  1. Schedule multiple videos on the same day, when the office is quiet.

Lining up multiple interviews in one day will decrease the amount of time you and your team need to invest in this project. Make it a fun event by offering snacks and refreshments to the patients who have agreed to offer a testimonial.


2. Choose your background wisely.

Opt for a clean, well-lit, and uncluttered space to film your patient testimonial. Posters, photos, or other features may distract the viewer. In addition, avoid filming on or around items that may make viewers anxious, such as a dental chair or tools.


3. Focus on the patient’s experience.

The patient’s testimonial should feel natural to the viewer. Prompt the patient with questions from directly behind the camera, so that it appears that they are talking directly into the camera when they respond.

Remember, the patient should be the only person in the video. Filming yourself side-by-side with the patient in an interview-style testimonial can make the video less authentic.


4. Warm up the patient with easy-to-answer questions.

Even the most outgoing, exuberant patients may feel strange when they first start speaking into the camera. Warm them up with a few easy-to-answer questions, allowing them to settle into a groove before recording the actual interview. Some of these questions might include:

  • “What is your name?”
  • “What is your favorite football team?”
  • “What is your favorite holiday?”

These are questions that the patient already knows the answer to, so there is no pressure to perform. Once the patient feels settled and camera-ready, proceed into your pre-planned interview questions.

5. Prompt the patient with open-ended questions.


  • Ask open-ended questions such as, “What do you love most about visiting our office?”
  • Ask questions that relate dental care to larger concepts such as happiness or confidence such as, “How has your life changed since receiving care from Doctor ___?”


  • Ask a yes or no question such as, “Do you enjoy our practice?”
  • Interject in the middle of their answer.

Remember that patient testimonials should feel authentic, natural, and not forced. Are you interested in learning how to create effective patient testimonial videos? Schedule your complimentary marketing planning session with Identity Dental Marketing today.

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8 Reasons Your Ad Was Blocked by Facebook

What determines if your Facebook Ad will be approved or denied? As the lucrative nature of advertising your practice on Facebook evolves, so do the restrictions and regulations. It can be difficult to stay up to date on what makes a strong ad, and what won’t make the cut. Here are eight reasons why your practice’s ad might be blocked on Facebook, with tips to avoid them in the future.

  1. The 20 Percent Rule. Facebook requires that text on your ad graphic should never take up more than 20 percent of the total area. The reason behind this makes sense: excessive text can overwhelm viewers. Instead, try utilizing a powerful, eye-grabbing graphic that can stand on its own for best results.
  2. Unrealistic results or claims. ‘Get rich quick’ or ‘lose 40 pounds in a week’ scenarios can lead to a rejected ad, and this concept also translates into dental marketing. If your restorations can last up to 10 years with proper care and oral hygiene, don’t imply a lifetime.
  3. Misleading URL. On your ad, you can choose which website address (URL) your patients will be linked to, and which URL is actually previewed on the ad. Make sure you aren’t showing one website, but linking patients to another. This is confusing and can also lead to a rejected ad.
  4. ‘Facebook’ mentioned incorrectly. Facebook has strict requirements for how their business name is represented in any ad content. A rule of thumb is to simply avoid using the word ‘Facebook’ in general in your ads. If you do, however, ensure that you don’t pluralize it or turn it into a verb.
  5. Non-functioning landing page. Most ads link to a landing page, which offers your audience further details, benefits, and a call-to-action. If your landing page is slow to load, contains broken menu links, or utilizes video elements that aren’t displaying correctly, then Facebook could reject your ad.
  6. Making assumptions about viewers. Per Facebook, ad content should not make any assumptions about your audience. “Are your teeth stained?” could lead to a rejected ad, whereas “Overcome stained teeth” would be considered acceptable. Ensure your verbiage does not harass or accuse your audience.
  7. Before-and-after shots. Facebook specifically prohibits any before and after images, or any other ad content that may generate negative self-perception as a means to promote your services. Instead, try to feature unique benefits of choosing you that will persuade your patients to pick up the phone and schedule an appointment.
  8. Overall quality. Facebook reviews the copy of any ad for grammar, punctuation, spelling, and overall quality. As carpenters say, measure twice and cut once. In addition, a second pair of eyes always helps to notice any errors that you may not have caught.

Writing an effective ad isn’t always the most intuitive task, and the approval process can be frustrating without having prior experience. Don’t feel alone in this. As marketing experts, our team has the creativity and insight to bring you impressive, consistent results for your practice’s Facebook advertising. Schedule a complimentary marketing planning session with Identity Dental Marketing today.

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Dental Marketing | Turn Heads. Get Booked.

Speaking and traveling can often leave you with little time to master your own marketing potential. Without a powerful campaign behind you, it can be difficult to achieve the exposure you need to get booked. That’s why we’ve prepared this quick guide to marketing yourself as a speaker.

Why should you market yourself as a speaker?

As a speaker, you understand that first impressions say a lot. By promoting yourself with strategic marketing, you can reach more meeting planners and significantly improve your speaking opportunities.

Custom-branded social media marketing will help you cut through the static and establish yourself as a thought leader. With high-quality video marketing that features your professional advice and knowledge, you can position yourself as an expert in your field. Don’t settle for the occasional workshop or conference — your marketing can be be what pushes you into full-time success as a speaker.

What are the elements of effective speaker marketing?

Getting yourself booked should be at the forefront of your marketing goals, and this will cascade into every strategy you utilize. When meeting planners search for you, they should encounter a powerful presentation that highlights your unique value as a speaker. The best way to do this is with a sizzle reel — a short, engaging video that functions like a sales pitch for you. In addition, your website and social media marketing should feature testimonials praising you, your speaker packet, upcoming presentations, and should offer pertinent details about your speaking topics.

Remember, branding legitimizes your entire experience as a speaker. You should aim for clever, innovative branding that communicates your unique style and proves your expertise. Are you serious and enriching? Are you interactive and entertaining? Without a logo, meeting planners will have no idea.

Where should you start?

Whether you are a full-time public speaker or you have just begun your journey, you have an important opportunity to grow. Make a name for yourself with our help. You will have access to our entire suite of professional marketing services, including a custom-designed sizzle reel and speaker packet, a beautiful, fully-responsive website, as well as in-depth branding consultations. In addition to creating a demand for your brand, our team utilizes data-driven methods and analytics in our internet marketing to bring you an impressive ROI.

You’re the speaker. We’re the marketing experts. Let’s work together to get you booked. Contact Identity Dental Marketing today to schedule your complimentary marketing planning session.

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9 Quick Tips For Your Facebook Success

You’ve heard it dozens of times: as a business owner, you need to be on Facebook. In truth, this can feel confusing and frustrating to many dentists and doctors that simply do not have the time or desire to post photos or contribute online. Below are nine tips that will help you control your social media marketing without letting it control you.

  1. Plan your posts. Delegate this to a team member and allow them to show you their custom content for approval before it goes live.
  2. Keep it real. Ensure your social media content is relatable. Don’t always post professional headshots for day-to-day material. Try to snap a photo or two of your team while they smile at work.
  3. Keep it happy! Post about birthdays and work anniversaries, or even fun facts about your team. This helps patients feel like they know you better and builds their loyalty. Try to avoid negativity when possible.
  4. Post patient videos. Patient testimonials are a fantastic way to get positive attention. Incentivize your patients to post their stories, and make sure they tag your office.
  5. Make it a game! Have fun with your Facebook experience by running contests for likes, shares and reviews. Engage and reward your team and patients. We also recommend quarterly campaigns to build viral exposure online by donating to charities or highlighting a time-sensitive offer.
  6. Leverage live video. Facebook Live is an incredible resource. Let a team member interview you live. Don’t forget to engage with viewers who are watching in real time!
  7. Join local groups. Parents often ask health-related questions on forums and look for the opinions of their trusted friends online. Build relationships with your community by posting regularly in local groups.
  8. Advertise. Paid campaigns are just as important as organic clicks. Our team can help you set up campaigns to reach the best market for your individual practice goals.
  9. Just do it. Even if every post isn’t ground-breaking news, stay active online. Post at least once a week. This helps to show search engines like Google that your business is both real and actively engaging. This also contributes to your search rankings when paired with an optimized website and SEO campaign.

    If you have questions about improving your social media marketing, we invite you to reach out to our team at Identity Dental Marketing. Schedule a complimentary marketing planning session with us today.

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