Identity Dental Marketing’s Proven Strategies Drive Record New Patient Numbers

Identity Dental Marketing, a trusted marketing partner for dental practices since 2009, is thrilled to share the success stories of their clients: Dr. Carly Hamilton, Dr. Heather Lenker, and Dr. Jamie Childress.

Best Dental Marketing Dr. Carly Hamilton Testimonial

Dr. Hamilton is based in Manitoba, Canada. She expressed her enthusiasm for Identity Dental Marketing, stating “I am seeing great results with Identity Dental Marketing! This year, my new patient numbers are at 320, and it is only early August! Our new patient total for the entire year of 2022 was 387.” Dr. Hamilton’s substantial increase in new patients clearly demonstrates the effectiveness of Identity Dental Mareting’s services.

Best Dental Marketing Dr. Heather Lenker Testimonial

Dr. Lenker practices in a competitive market located in Paoli, PA. She highlighted the invaluable support she received from Identity Dental Marketing. “Working with Identity Dental Marketing has been amazing. They are exactly what we needed to thrive in a competitive location. They listened to our needs, helped us set goals, and reassessed our strategy as needed to keep us on course. We have seen continual growth in our practice both in new patient numbers and production. We are truly in excellent hands!”

Best Dental Marketing Dr. Jamie Childress Testimonial

Dr. Jamie Childress, whose practice has been experiencing a robust demand, stated “We are happy with the work Identity Dental Marketing has been doing for us. We are currently booked 3 months out for new patients and had to bring on a new associate to accommodate our patient load.” Dr. Childress’s experience showcases the tangible impact of Identity Dental Markeing’s expertise on practice expansion and patient retention.

To celebrate their success and demonstrate their commitment to helping more dental practices grow, Identity Dental Marketing is offering complimentary marketing planning sessions for new clients. Dentists looking to elevate their practice’s marketing strategies are encouraged to schedule their session by visiting:

Identity Dental Marketing prides itself by delivering exceptional service and keeping clients satisfied without the burden of long-term contracts. Since 2009, Identity Dental Marketing has been dedicated to transforming dental practices into thriving businesses.

For more information about Identity Dental Marketing, please visit: or contact (847) 629-5656.

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Establishing Trust with Dental Patients:

A 10-Step Guide to a Flourishing Practice

Trust is the cornerstone of any successful dental practice. Establishing a trusting relationship with patients ensures their cooperation, loyalty, and compliance. To optimize patient-practitioner relationships and create a harmonious atmosphere conducive to healing, consider the following ten strategies:

1. Maintain Eye Contact

When conversing with patients, maintaining eye contact is crucial. It conveys sincerity, attentiveness, and confidence, which are vital in fostering trust.

2. Communicate with Clarity

When recommending treatments, it’s essential to articulate why they are necessary. For example, if a filling replacement is needed due to a leak, elucidate what it means, its dangers, and the consequences of avoiding replacement. Addressing such concerns preempts doubts and enables informed decision-making.

3. Advocate Empathetic Decision-Making

A practical tip is to express what you would do in the patient’s situation and elucidate your reasoning. Recognizing that decisions are influenced by emotion and reason, presenting your rationale harmoniously with empathy enhances understanding and acceptance.

4. Radiate Positivity and Confidence

A positive and confident demeanor is contagious. It not only reflects professional assurance but also instills confidence in patients, making them more receptive to necessary solutions.

5. Optimize Appointment Duration

Allocating appropriate time for consultations prevents rushed interactions and improves the quality of meetings. A balanced approach ensures comprehensive discussions without compromising the efficiency and effectiveness of communication.

6. Create a Comfortable Environment

Having a comfortable and inviting space for treatment discussions, preferably sitting next to the patient, enhances interaction quality. Equipping your team with the skills to present treatment plans effectively can also optimize clinical time and case acceptance.

7. Cultivate Reliability and Responsiveness

Don’t take setbacks personally, but build a team that is reliable, communicative, and diligent. By ensuring a response within two business days and meticulous execution of tasks, your practice will epitomize professionalism and reliability, enhancing your appeal to prospective patients.

8. Develop a Knowledge Base

Empowering patients with knowledge builds their confidence and trust in your services. A robust knowledge base serves as a reservoir of information, answering queries and dissipating doubts, thereby fostering an informed and reassured patient community.

9. Introduce In-House Membership Plans

Offering in-house membership plans is particularly beneficial for uninsured patients. It not only provides them access to necessary dental care but also fosters a sense of belonging and appreciation, reinforcing their trust in your practice.

10. Showcase Your Expertise

Displaying before-and-after photos, patient testimonials, and images of your office and team is an effective way of demonstrating your expertise and the quality of your services. It provides tangible proof of your competency and the positive impact of your treatments.


Establishing trust with dental patients is paramount for the success of a dental practice. By incorporating these strategies, from maintaining eye contact to showcasing your work, you can build long-lasting, trust-based relationships with your patients, ensuring the sustained growth and reputation of your practice. Balancing professionalism with empathy, and offering transparency, comfort, and knowledge will not only elevate the patient experience but also accentuate the integrity and reliability of your dental practice.

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Maintaining Control: The Importance of Owning Your Phone Number on Your Website

In the digital age, establishing a personal connection with your audience is more important than ever. One of the most direct ways to foster this connection is through a phone number listed on your website. But not just any phone number – it should be a number that you rightfully own. Here’s why:

Trust and Credibility

Providing a phone number that you own builds trust and credibility with your customers. It assures them that they are dealing with a legitimate and established entity, which can go a long way in establishing a long-term relationship.

Brand Reputation

Your brand reputation is precious. By owning your phone number, you can control the narrative and the quality of customer service offered. This protects your brand image, as you can swiftly handle issues, concerns, or inquiries, thus portraying your brand in a positive light.

Legal and Ethical Considerations

Using a phone number that you do not own could potentially lead to legal and ethical challenges. Consent is vital, and using someone else’s number without permission can be seen as a breach of privacy, possibly leading to fines or legal actions.

Tailored Customer Experience

When you own your phone number, you can personalize your voicemail, call routing, and even integrate it with your CRM system. This allows you to offer a tailored customer experience, which can result in increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Reliability and Consistency

Having ownership ensures that the phone number remains constant, fostering a reliable and consistent line of communication between your business and your clients. This reliability can be crucial in building and maintaining a robust customer base.

Analytics and Insights

Owning your phone number means you can have access to detailed call analytics. These insights can help you to understand your customer’s needs better and can form a basis for making informed decisions to enhance your business strategies.

Marketing and SEO Benefits

Using a consistent phone number that you own can aid in local SEO strategies, making it easier for clients to find you when they search for services or products that you offer. It can also be an essential tool in marketing campaigns, helping you to track the effectiveness of various strategies.

Future-Proofing Your Business

Finally, owning your phone number allows you to future-proof your business. Should you decide to move or expand, your phone number can move with you, maintaining that vital link with your customer base without disruption.

In conclusion, listing a phone number you own on your website is not just a matter of convenience, but a crucial step in building trust, protecting your brand’s reputation, and fostering a personalized and direct connection with your customers. Make the smart choice – ensure the phone number on your website is indeed your own.

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Facebook Scammers & How to Be Aware of Their Tricks

A new scam has hit Facebook Messenger and its a hard one to detect. The goal of the scammer is to get you to click a link.

The scams look to be a message or warning from Facebook / Meta itself. However, at a closer look, it’s simply a page or profile someone intentionally named “Meta Business Support,” or a variation meant to look like an official Meta entity.

The message, as shown below may notify you that your business page has been disabled or have other threatening verbiage. There are 3 ways to confirm this is nothing to be concerned about.

  1. When you click on the icon / name of the sender, it will direct to a page that is no longer active. This indicates that the scammer created the page, and has since been disabled due to multiple people reporting it as fake.
  2. It will send you to a link that is NOT or an official URL of Meta. You can see where a link leads you by hovering on the link on a desktop computer or inspecting the link before clicking on it.
  3. You can also prove a message such as this is fake by visiting your own Facebook Business page and seeing for yourself that it’s still live.

In a world of scammers, spammers and liars, it’s helpful to stay in the know for these types of malicious activities. Be sure to subscribe to updates in our Facebook group to stay up to date on these issues, allowing yourself to be protected and aware.

Join. Then be sure to subscribe to updates:

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Identity Dental Marketing Implements Digital Delegation System for Unparalleled Results

Identity Dental Marketing, dentistry’s most trusted marketing agency, utilizes digital delegation workflows to ensure the best possible results. These workflows are updated daily to ensure every service offering is completed fully and reviewed by management. These processes are adjusted as new SEO strategies are discovered, as a response to new service offerings (such as Google’s new Local Service Ads), and to consider Google algorithmic changes.

“It’s become apparent that very few marketing agencies are built to scale. They often outsource work, implement reactive communication, and often lack quality control measures. As they grow, their systems don’t hold up and as a result, their businesses and reputations implode,” said Grace Rizza, Founder and CEO of Identity Dental Marketing. “By ensuring that every single task has a deadline, detailed instructions, trained professionals for execution, and long-standing managers reviewing each item, NO ACCOUNT goes without supervision and proper attention.”

By utilizing digital delegation, detailed instructions, quality control audits and manager approvals, Identity Dental Marketing can assure each client that every service provided is completed. The stats reinforce the importance of these processes. Identity has a 97% success rate in achieving top 3 rankings on Google within 6 months and a 98% success rate on client renewal rate beyond the initial 6 month program.

Whether a client is investing in a logo, website, or a custom digital marketing campaign, they can rest assured that the work will be done and the communication will be on point. 

Take advantage of your complimentary marketing planning session with Identity Dental Marketing today to improve your marketing efforts:

About Identity Dental Marketing:

Identity Dental Marketing is a trusted digital marketing agency providing customized solutions for dental professionals. With an expert marketing team and innovative strategies, Identity Dental Marketing helps dentists establish a strong online presence, attract new patients, and grow.

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The Deceptive Practices of Listing Presence Auditing: Unveiling the Sales Scam


In the digital age, online marketing has become crucial for businesses to establish a strong online presence and reach their target audience effectively. However, this landscape has also given rise to certain deceptive practices employed by some marketing agencies. One such practice is the auditing of listing presence, which claims to help businesses improve their online visibility but often ends up being a sales scam. In this article, we will delve into how marketing agencies that offer listing auditing services exploit their position to manipulate scores, demand payment, and ultimately harm the SEO (organic rankings on search engines) of the dentist who hired them.

The Promise of Listing Presence Auditing

Listing presence auditing is marketed as a service that helps businesses assess their online visibility and identifies areas for improvement. The agencies claim to use sophisticated software to analyze various platforms, such as directories, review sites, and social media, to gauge a business’s online reputation. The audit report generated supposedly provides valuable insights into the current state of a company’s listings and recommends actions to enhance its online presence.

The Conflict of Interest

The underlying issue with many listing auditing services lies in the conflict of interest that arises from the ownership structure. The audit service is also the owner of the listings. Additionally, they only allow those who pay them to have a high score in their auditing system. This intertwining ownership creates a significant conflict of interest. The marketing agencies reselling the listing automation service leverage its biased “report” to gain sales and to establish credibility by having something tangible to discuss on a sales calls. The agency’s sales person may or may not be aware that the owner of the auditing software also owns the vast majority of the “inconsistent” and low ranking directory sites being “audited”. This means only clients of agencies partaking in this scheme can get a high score. This puts pressure on marketing agencies to play this unethical sales game for the sake of sales.

The Manipulation Game

Marketing agencies have a vested interest in ensuring that the audit scores show poor results for the listings of their competitors’ clients. By artificially lowering the scores, they create a sense of urgency and desperation, convincing businesses that they need immediate assistance to improve their online presence. This manipulation often involves skewed algorithms, biased metrics, or exaggerated issues that often do not even exist. The real determining factor of successful SEO campaign lies in two things – the rankings on Google and other search engines and the quantity of organic, relevant website traffic.

The Pay-to-Play Model

Once the audit reveals a low score, the marketing agency presents a solution: payment for their services. They claim that by investing in their expertise, businesses can achieve better scores and improve their online visibility. However, this pay-to-play model is inherently unethical, as it preys on the insecurities and desires of businesses to succeed online.

The Duplicate Listings Dilemma

To make matters worse, this tool pushes information online which in turn actually hurts the rankings through creating duplicate listings, a true problem for Google. Search engines penalize duplicate listings, leading to reduced rankings, confusion among customers, and overall negative effects on the business’s online presence. To make matters worse, the second the agency stops paying the listing generation service, they all revert to their old status and are removed from the internet. Your SEO investment in methods like this are temporary and you will not own these different entities created.

Protecting Yourself from the Scam

While it may be disheartening to learn about these deceptive practices, there are steps you can take to protect your business from falling victim to this sales scam:

Conduct thorough research: Before engaging with any marketing agency, research their reputation, read reviews, and look for potential conflicts of interest.

Realize audits are completely unnecessary and instead, as your marketing agency about how they approach SEO, how you can measure the results, and what you can do to enhance or speed up results.

Prioritize ethical practices: Look for marketing agencies that prioritize transparency, integrity, and long-term partnerships. Choose those that offer comprehensive strategies to enhance your online visibility without resorting to manipulative tactics.


In the realm of digital marketing, it is essential to remain vigilant and skeptical of practices that promise quick fixes and guaranteed results. The sales scam surrounding listing presence auditing exemplifies how some marketing agencies prioritize their own financial gain over the best interests of their clients. By understanding the conflict of interest, recognizing the manipulation game, and seeking ethical alternatives, businesses can protect themselves from falling victim to such deceptive practices. Remember, true success in online marketing requires integrity and hard work.

If you’re seeking support in SEO, Google Ads optimization, social media marketing, branding or website development, schedule your complimentary marketing planning session today:

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Identity Dental Marketing Raises the Bar in Analytics and Reporting

Identity Dental Marketing Raises the Bar in Analytics and Reporting

[Tampa, FL] – Identity Dental Marketing, the leading provider of marketing solutions for dental practices, is revolutionizing the way dental professionals understand and optimize their marketing efforts. With their comprehensive tracking and reporting tools, they empower dental practices to measure their marketing return on investment (ROI), identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions for sustained growth.

“Agencies typically use data to justify lackluster REAL results. We pair in-depth reporting with your real patient numbers to help advise on strategy, budgets, and allow you to make the right decisions for your marketing plan. Success occurs when we pair realistic expectations with actual results. It’s that simple,” says Grace Rizza, Founder and CEO of Identity Dental Marketing.

As part of their commitment to providing exceptional insights, Identity Dental Marketing provides a 24/7 dashboard for dental practices to monitor their marketing performance in real time, allowing them to stay informed and make timely adjustments to optimize their campaigns for maximum impact.

Identity Dental Marketing understands that true success goes beyond just analyzing data. They stress the significance of realistic expectations and specific goals, like calculating patient acquisition costs or assessing marketing methods for brand exposure or lead generation. By setting clear goals, dental practices can accurately measure marketing success and allocate resources efficiently.

Data can mislead if not properly understood. Identity Dental Marketing pairs education with data for better return on investment. For example, the Click Through Rate (CTR) in Google Ads may be seen as a key performance indicator (KPI), but it can be distorted if the messaging focuses on “free or cheap dentistry” rather than value. To truly benefit from the data, having an experienced advisor who can help understand and apply the insights becomes paramount.

By offering comprehensive tracking and reporting tools, Identity Dental Marketing ensures dental practices have the necessary insights to measure the effectiveness of their marketing efforts. With data-driven decision-making and personalized guidance, dental practices can optimize their marketing strategies, identify areas for improvement, and achieve sustained growth.

Take advantage of your complimentary marketing planning session today:

About Identity Dental Marketing:

Identity Dental Marketing is a comprehensive digital marketing agency dedicated to empowering dental practices in enhancing their marketing, branding, and online presence. Their approach caters to each practice’s specific needs, aligning their brand with their values and enhancing their reputation.

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How to Market a Dental Practice on Instagram and Facebook

Social Media Marketing for Dentists

Leveraging social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook can be an effective way to grow your dental practice and attract new patients. With Instagram Reels, a feature allowing users to create short videos set to music, it has become even easier to reach a wider audience. Here are some key tips to make the most of Instagram Reels and Facebook to attract new patients:

  1. Keep Up with Trends

Stay up-to-date with what’s trending by scrolling through Instagram Reels to listen to trending songs. This will allow you to create content that is popular and resonates with your target audience.

  1. Plan Your Marketing Strategy

Create a list of services that you want to focus on and develop a marketing plan to promote them in a creative and engaging way. Consider what content would appeal to your target audience and provide them with what they want to see.

  1. Utilize Trending Hashtags

Use the “Boost” app to find trending hashtags and add relevant ones to increase the reach of your posts. Consider adding hashtags that include your location to attract local patients.

  1. Pay for Promotion

Consider paying to promote your posts on Facebook to reach potential patients who may not have seen your posts otherwise. Isolate your promotion to a specific radius around your office and target everyone within that region for at least a week.

  1. Learn from Others

Follow other dental offices on Instagram that have content and branding you admire. This can provide inspiration and ideas for your own content.

  1. Use Quality Equipment

Ensure that your content looks professional and polished by using a high-quality camera, such as a recent iPhone or quality web cam for better quality. 

The most successful social media marketers enjoy and embrace content creation. If this isn’t you, don’t worry, not every method has to be for everyone. Get in touch and we can provide you with a complimentary marketing planning session. 

By following these tips, you can leverage Instagram Reels and Facebook to showcase your practice and attract new patients. With some creativity and planning, you can take your practice to the next level using social media. The best way to attract new patients on social media involves a scripted lead generation video, paired with retargeting, allowing your target market to get to know you and over time build trust in your services. 

Book your complimentary marketing planning session today:

Here are 10 ideas for your Dental Instagram Reels that don’t involve dancing:

  1. Share before-and-after photos of patients who have undergone cosmetic dental procedures such as teeth whitening or veneers.
  2. Showcase different types of braces and how they work to straighten teeth.
  3. Showcase the latest dental technology and equipment used in your practice.
  4. Share testimonials from satisfied patients about their dental experiences and treatments.
  5. Share dental-related news and trends, such as new products or technologies in the dental industry.
  6. Show a day in the life of a dental hygienist, from cleaning teeth to interacting with patients.
  7. Share a “meet the dentist” video where the dentist shares their background, interests, and why they love dentistry.
  8. Host a contest or giveaway on Instagram, where followers can win free teeth whitening or other services.
  9. Show a time-lapse of a patient’s smile transformation using Invisalign aligners, from the beginning to the end of their treatment.
  10. Create a video explaining what periodontal disease is, how it is caused, and the potential consequences of leaving it untreated.

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The Importance of Marketing in the Dental Industry: Common Mistakes and Solutions

Best Dental Marketer, Grace Rizza

As a founder and CEO of Identity Dental Marketing, a company that offers ethical branding and digital marketing services to dentists, I have come across several mistakes that dental practices make when it comes to marketing. In this article, I will discuss these common mistakes and provide solutions to ensure that dental practices can avoid them.

Firstly, branding exists whether a dentist has intentionally crafted it or not. Therefore, it is crucial to audit a dentist’s digital footprint to ensure that their brand is well represented. However, many dental practices make the mistake of choosing a marketing company based on the lowest cost or biggest promises, which often leads to disappointment. Dentists should invest in companies that provide regular internal reports showing new patients, leads, and conversion rates to ensure that their marketing budget is well invested.

Secondly, many dental practices fail to set realistic expectations for their marketing campaigns. A branding campaign will have different goals and outcomes compared to a campaign aimed at generating immediate leads. Dentists should consult with marketing professionals to understand how different initiatives work and set realistic expectations.

Thirdly, some dental practices invest below the minimum viable budget, which is not an effective way to test or gauge a marketing method. Investing in a $300 ad spend is merely dabbling and will not provide accurate feedback on the effectiveness of a marketing campaign.

To avoid these common mistakes, dental practices should seek professional advice and take advantage of complimentary marketing planning sessions. These sessions provide an opportunity to discuss expectations, timelines, and minimal viable budgets. They also help dental practices to understand the importance of regular reporting and the need to set realistic expectations for different marketing initiatives.

In conclusion, marketing plays a crucial role in the dental industry, and dental practices should avoid these common mistakes to ensure that their marketing budget is well invested. Dentists should invest in setting a system providing regular internal reports, seek professional advice, set realistic expectations, and invest in minimum viable budgets. Dental practices that follow these steps will likely see a positive return on their marketing investment.Get started today with your complimentary marketing planning session:

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How to Generate More Word-Of-Mouth Referrals

Word of mouth referrals are one of the most powerful ways to grow your dental practice. When happy customers recommend your products or services to their friends, family, and colleagues, it can lead to a steady stream of new business. But how do you encourage more word of mouth referrals? Here are ten strategies to consider:

  1. Provide exceptional customer service: Customers are more likely to recommend your business if they have a positive experience with your customer service team.
  2. Offer referral incentives: Consider offering a discount or free service to customers who refer new business to you.
  3. Create a referral program: Develop a formal referral program that rewards customers for referring new business to you.
  4. Encourage online reviews: Positive online reviews can be a powerful form of social proof that can encourage more word of mouth referrals. Encourage satisfied customers to share their experience on review sites like Yelp or Google.
  5. Make it easy for customers to refer you: Develop a simple and straightforward referral process that makes it easy for customers to recommend your business.
  6. Stay in touch with customers: Regularly communicate with your customers via email, social media, or other channels to stay top of mind.
  7. Offer exceptional value: Provide exceptional value to your customers so that they are more likely to recommend your business to others.
  8. Develop a strong brand: A strong brand can help differentiate your business from competitors and make it more likely that customers will recommend you.
  9. Attend networking events: Attend networking events and business conferences to meet new people and build relationships that can lead to more word of mouth referrals.
  10. Thank customers for their referrals: Show your appreciation for customers who refer new business to you by sending a thank you note, offering a discount, or providing some other form of recognition.

In conclusion, word of mouth referrals can be a powerful way to grow your business. By providing exceptional customer service, offering referral incentives, creating a referral program, encouraging online reviews, and making it easy for customers to refer you, you can boost your word of mouth referrals and drive more business to your door.

If you need to boost business in a predictable way, consider adding professional digital marketing. Start with a no-pressure complimentary marketing planning session. Book with Grace Rizza here:

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