Identity Dental Marketing Recognized as Leader for Dental Start-Ups

Identity Dental Marketing is the recognized leading provider of marketing for start-up dental practices. Their extensive expertise in all facets of marketing enables them to assist denovos with business naming, logo design, overall branding, website design,SEO, Google Ads optimization, print design, event marketing, social media marketing and more. Utilizing proven methods, Identity is known by dental practice owners as the most effective and ethical dental-specific agency.

“We love branding AND strategy—so dentists don’t have to choose between impressive aesthetics and effectiveness,” says Grace Rizza, owner and CEO of Identity Dental Marketing. “We were a start-up ourselves. We seem to be one of the only companies that sets real expectations based on the area, niche, and circumstances of each client.”

“We have more new patients than ever. Since working with you all, I am not losing sleep anymore. I’m very happy with the results.” Neighborhood Dental’s Dr. Jordan Johnson stated.

“I met with several companies, and Grace was honest, down-to-earth, and willing to work within my budget. This superb company delivers what they promise. My practice would not be where it is today without them,” shares Dr. Collin Kwasnik.

“Grace and her team helped me build my brand and website, and our continued marketing campaigns have been very successful. I am thankful for their dedicated work.” mentioned Dr. Mohammed Mahdi of Blooming Braces.

“I am grateful to Grace and her all-star team,” shares Dr. Jeffrey Greenburg in a provided testimonial. “Since starting my practice, they have helped with branding, website development, maintenance, SEO, social media ads, and most of all, my sanity! Starting up isn’t easy, but they had my back from the beginning.”

Grace Rizza has guided the growth of over 1,500 successful dental practices. In 2009, she founded Identity Dental Marketing to provide ethical and effective marketing solutions for dentists. Dental startups can benefit from their custom website design, as they are the only company with high-level designers and no builders.

Identity Dental Marketing creates custom marketing plans for dental startups all over the United States. To schedule your complimentary marketing planning session, visit:

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I’ve Received an SEO Audit. Now What?

Many desperate salespeople like to offer “free” audits to their prospective clients. It’s a way for them to establish themselves as an authority without having to look at the actual rankings and performance of a campaign. 

Why is this “free” audit problematic? 

1. Its motive is to create fear/doubt in your current strategy so that they can sell you. 

2. They often point out “strategies” that are not accurate

3. They often speak over your head, again… to sound smart and sell you things. 

Why is this audit useless? 

If you are ranking in the top 3 for your main search terms, most marketing companies want to work with you. They’ll want to take our stellar foundation and attempt to maintain the rankings we’ve helped you to establish. They also target our clients, knowing we’re one of the only marketing agencies without 12-month, auto-renewing contracts. 

What are some of the false/inaccurate claims they may make: 

1. They may claim the site structure is not to their liking. 

This one is interesting. If the site is ranking, then Google must have no issues with its structure. Also, a non-developer would have a very hard time confirming or denying this statement. It’s also extremely subjective. We have a tried and true method for website development for SEO. If they’ve said this to you, feel free to send us their report, and we can show you why any “red” scores on their “audit” are necessary for functionality and/or rankings. 

2. They may claim content is “stolen”

We are very smart about how we conduct business. We have leveraged over a hundred pages of content (that we have written and have rights to leverage to give you an advantage on Google. Remember, rankings are the proof of our strategies’ effectiveness, not sales audits. 

Some of these lovely salespeople like to use words like “plagiarized” or “bootlegged”. We could honestly sue them for this deceitful representation of our work, but we’re too busy helping our clients beat out their clients on Google with real strategy (on-site and off-site SEO). 

3. They may audit backlink quantity

SEO can always be stronger, which is why you invest monthly. The longer you invest, the stronger the rankings. Not all backlinks show up on reports. 

The real way to gauge if your SEO is “working” 

1. Watch the progress of website stats. Set up a meeting with your internet marketing strategist on our team to review your dashboard to evaluate traffic and other stats that show progress. 

2. Do a Google Search. Are you moving up? If yes, the SEO is working. 

3. How are your new patient numbers? Are they increasing from patients who found you on Google? 

4. It usually takes about 6 months to see a significant change in rankings and new patient numbers, but we love to see progress sooner. 

How do we come up with an SEO strategy? 

We have ongoing strategies as well as a variety of strategies that are systematically executed. We’re also constantly discovering and adding new strategies on a regular basis. 

Is there anything we can do to boost rankings faster? 

Yes, you can increase your number of Google reviews and consider sponsoring a widely distributed press release ($500) to accelerate results and show positive news about your business to your community. 

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What’s involved in a Custom Press Release from Identity?

If you’re considering purchasing a custom press release, it’s a great idea for many situations, and it can be very beneficial to any business owner. 
It is most commonly used in the following situations: 

  • Introducing a new service, technology, or expanding services to a new demographic.
  • For the purpose of improving Google rankings and expanding keyword reach.
  • The introduction of a new doctor, hygienist, associate, or partner.
  • Building a positive online reputation, especially when people search for you on Google or other search engines.
  • Promoting an event or special offer.

What to expect:

As soon as you have approved your proposal and authorized payment, the Identity Dental team will send you a questionnaire to understand the purpose of your press release. We will present you with a press release for your approval or revision once we have received your submission. The press release will be distributed as soon as you provide your approval. The article will be published live on at least 30 platforms, creating a powerful push of backlinks and a presence in Google’s news section. 
Press release marketing is the biggest missed opportunity in dental marketing as a whole. Reputation building and brand recognition are excellent benefits of this strategy. Most major influencers and business owners leverage public relations techniques such as press release distribution.
To maintain a constant flow of positive news about your practice, we strongly recommend using a monthly press release strategy. Additionally, you may purchase them as needed for the purpose of making announcements.

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How does Identity Dental Marketing Handle Direct Mail Campaigns?

Direct mail is helpful when announcing a new business or new service offerings. It tends to “work” to generate about 3 new patients per 5,000 pieces until it tapers off and stops working after about 5-6 mailers.

Direct mail works best when paired with aggressive offers. This is because the potential patient isn’t actively seeking your service offerings when they encounter your message. This is the opposite with a method such as Google ads, which will allow you to show value at the exact moment when a patient is searching for a dentist or dental specialist like you.

What direct mail lacks in its ability to target the right people at the right time (affordably), it can make up in brand recognition. If you’re going into a direct mail campaign with the hopes that you’ll get the most bang for your marketing buck, you’ll likely be disappointed in it, even with the strongest message and the most appropriate targeting. Most of our clients agree that the predictable and longstanding ROI from digital marketing is more powerful than direct mail, however some still choose to run this type of campaign to enhance brand recognition and to have a diversified marketing approach – both of which have an intangible value.

When it comes time to print your marketing, you can mention us to postcard mania for special pricing or work with a local printer who is EDDM certified. Every Door Direct Mail by the United States Postal Service will get you the best value and allow you to blanket your community with your message.

If you’re wanting to run a highly targeted direct mail campaign (i.e. only show my message to families with children under 10 years of age), you’re going to spend more on the list and printing than you would to “hit” the whole community through EDDM. Financially, extremely targeted lists don’t make sense because the cost to attain and leverage them is higher than the cost to bulk print and hit all homes.

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I’ve Been Running My Ads for 2 Months, Where Are the Results?

Why are my ads not working?

Like ALL marketing methods, paid digital advertising takes time to work.

Usually in the third month, the campaign has matured past its learning phase and will begin to produce the expected results.

As time goes on, personalized tweaks will be implemented to the campaign allowing our team to best utilize your marketing ad spend.

Remember in medium level competition markets, it costs about $200 to bring in a new patient without a low cost/ cheap offer. A budget of $1000 for a general new patient after 3 months may bring in 5 new patients per month, and that’s with competence in conversion with the front office team members.

These are only estimates. In higher competition areas or for higher competition keywords (cosmetics/implants/Invisalign), these expectations don’t apply.

Verbal skills are imperative for converting a lead to a long lasting, loyal patient. Conversion for patients who came in from ads are a little more challenging than those who came in referred by their mom, sister or colleague. We recommend always having someone listen to and give feedback on calls. Let us know if you’d like support with this. We can refer a trusted colleague.

If you’re in month 1 or 2, it’s too soon to be critiquing the ads. If your budget is below $1000/month or you expect more than 5 new patients from a $1000 budget, you may not have fair expectations for how this marketing works.

Ads are too expensive for me, what else can I do?

SEO is the most cost effective marketing solution in most towns, costing under $1,000 / month in most cases and once in top 3 for main search terms, bringing in 10+ new patients. It does take at least 6 months and a competitive number of reviews.

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Google Announces the Removal of Google My Business (GMB) App

As of April 5, 2022, Google has notified users that the Google My business App is going away. This comes after Google recently changed the name of its local business management system “Google My Business” to “Google Business Profile.”

The email from Google states that they are phasing out the Google My Business app and that users will use Google Maps and Search to manage their business listings.

Those who manage multiple listings can use the new Google Business Profile manager. Google wants users with one business listing to edit/manage their listing from Google Search or Maps, not within their Google Business Profile manager (

With this change, users will be able to claim their listing directly from Google Search and not within the Google Business Profile manager. It is said that Google will allow owners to communicate with visitors through a live messaging function. In addition, Google is announcing the release of Performance Planner, which is an advertising tool.

With most changes made by Google, this change may encourage business owners to advertise. It’s hard to know the exact motive, but we know one thing is true to Google, its evolution is constant.

As of now, Google has not given an exact date that the Google My Business app will be removed, but hints that its extinction may be complete in 2022.,Google%20My%20Business%20app%20completely

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Identity Dental Marketing Offers “Jump Start” Success Package


TAMPA, Fla., January 7, 2022/PRNewswire/ — Identity Dental Marketing is now offering a “Jump Start to Success” dental marketing and branding package. The company’s talented team works with dental practices to develop a strong business brand and marketing strategy

The Success Package includes a number of valuable services including business name and tagline recommendations, a custom logo design package, custom website design, internet marketing campaign setup, Google Ads campaign setup, and more. 

“Your branding will set you apart from your competition and create the first impression for your potential patients. It is important that you consider the big picture and give yourself a strong head start. The initial branding, combined with Google and web SEO campaigns, can make or break the startup of your practice,” says Grace, CEO of Identity Dental Marketing

“We work hard as a team to ensure the success of every one of our clients. The Jump Start Success package is the ideal marketing tool to get your practice up and running”, says Tierney, a Marketing Strategist at Identity. 

About Identity Dental Marketing: Founded in 2009, Identity Dental Marketing offers custom-built designer websites, SEO, PPC, paid and organic social media marketing, video marketing, and much more. Start with a complimentary marketing planning session here: 

Media Contact:

Identity Dental Marketing

Grace Rizza, CEO

(847) 629-4646


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Identity Dental Marketing Provides Free Marketing Resources



TAMPA, Fla., December 23, 2021/PRNewswire/ — Identity Dental Marketing’s CEO Grace Rizza provides free marketing resources through her Facebook Group, Podcast and individual strategy sessions.

The Facebook group, Dentistry’s Growing With Grace, has a network of over 5,000 dental professionals. Grace provides weekly video content and prompts containing valuable dental marketing and business guidance. 

“Too often people join a group, attend an event, or set up a planning session and have come to expect a sales pitch. My process is very different. I take each conversation as an opportunity to bring value. With each interaction, I want to make a positive impact. The goal is to eliminate the fluff and get to business.” says Grace Rizza, founder and owner of Identity Dental Marketing and Dentistry’s Growing with Grace podcast. 

In addition to the Facebook group, the company’s popular podcast, “Dentistry’s Growing With Grace”, features interviews with dental professionals. Most recently, the podcast has featured names such as Dr. Lou Chmura, Dr. Michael Stella, and dozens of other known dental educators. The guests and Grace Rizza provide insight into marketing, employment, and treatment planning, among many other diverse topics. 

“As a dental practice owner, the marketing resources that have been provided to me by Identity Dental Marketing were extremely helpful. It was great to have somewhere to turn for trusted marketing advice and support,” says Dr. Paul Miller, a long term client of Identity Dental Marketing.

About Identity Dental Marketing: Founded in 2009, Identity Dental Marketing offers custom-built designer websites, SEO, PPC, paid and organic social media marketing, video marketing, and much more. Start with a complimentary marketing planning session here: 


Media Contact:

Identity Dental Marketing
Grace Rizza, CEO
(847) 629-4646

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Strategy For Exceptional Client Experience


Identity Dental Marketing
Dec 17, 2021

TAMPA, Fla., Dec. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Identity Dental Marketing has hired experienced dental clinicians and office managers bringing unprecedented dental knowledge to their written content and client experience.

In addition to adding an experienced COO to the team, owner and founder Grace Rizza, has also recruited an experienced practice owner and hygienist, dental assistant, dental marketing director and dental office manager.

“It’s important that we recruit strong marketers with all necessary credentials and experience, but it’s also vital that we never lose touch on what’s happening in the dental profession. By pairing the marketing and dental expertise, we can provide a superlative experience and optimal results for each of our dental marketing clients.”

In addition to acquiring high level dental and marketing professionals, the executive team at Identity has also successfully transitioned to a work from home environment, allowing recruitment to include national, top talent.

“The best part of my job here at Identity Dental Marketing is combining all of the aspects of dentistry to help others succeed. I love being able to use what I have learned both clinically and as a business owner”, says Diane, dental hygienist and content creator at Identity.

About Identity Dental Marketing: Founded in 2009, Identity Dental Marketing offers custom-built designer websites, SEO, PPC, paid and organic social media marketing, video marketing, and much more. Start with a complimentary marketing planning session here:

Media Contact:

Identity Dental Marketing
Grace Rizza, CEO
(847) 629-4646

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Identity Dental Marketing Customer Service – Helps Clients Navigate New Requirement

An important notification for Dental Google Ads in 2021-2022

Google Building – Featured with Article about Google’s New Requirements for ID verification – From Trusted Dental Marketing Agency – Identity Dental Marketing.

Your Google Ad performance is important to us. In order to keep your ads account live, Google will be systematically requesting that you verify your Identity.

Personally, I believe this is in response to their recent fraud. For the first time in 13 years of dental marketing, I started to hear about credit card hackers using stolen card information to run advertisements. It seems like the world’s dumbest crime to me, but who I am to judge the intelligence of criminals?

It seems like you could trace where the money was leading or who owned these criminal’s accounts, but apparently it’s not that simple. Now Google doesn’t come out and admit this, but it’s just my suspicion as the cause of the new identity verification requirement.

When your account is prompted by Google, our team will handle this for you at no additional charge to you. Can you believe some agencies are charging for this support? Yes, it’s time involved beyond the scope of work but it’s necessary to keep your ads live.

First, we will ask you for proof of Identity. Google Accepts:

  • Driver’s License (with color photo)
  • State ID (with color photo)
  • US Passport / Passport Card
  • Green Card

Google is also requiring your Employer Identification Number (EIN) for the practice, and a photo or copy of a document with proof of organization. Below are the types of documents that are accepted. 

  • W-9
  • IRS Verification Letter (CP 575)

We know it’s annoying. We promise we aren’t creating more work for you, but doing our best to limit your time involved in managing and optimizing your marketing. We’re always here for you, if you have additional questions or need support, please contact us.

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