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Dentist Ranking on Google

Many SEO companies are now saying “link building is dead”. They are dead wrong.

SEO pro’s are noticing that Google is favoring on-site SEO ranking factors more than they did in the past. On-site factors (including how your website is developed) have been major ranking factors for years and continue to increase in importance. In the SEO world, we’ve all heard a million times that “content is king”.

Yes, content matters and development matters, but so does link building.  Your competitors can easily look at how your website was developed and copy your strategies, but they cannot easily copy quality links that have been ethically built over the course of time.

The obstacle for many SEO companies:

They are lazy. They look for ways to automatically build links with software or spammy websites, instead of putting in the time to research manually build a presence. They may purchase links from a third party—this will surely get you penalized eventually and your site will disappear from Google, leaving you no choice but to start over. So, yes, now SEO companies are saying: link building doesn’t matter anymore.  Why do they say this? It’s either because they are lazy or because they don’t know how to build quality links.

If you and your competitor both have the same on-site ranking factors and you have 1,000 quality backlinks, you will outrank your competitor.

Think about it this way…

Pretend Google gives you 10 points for a proper page title, 10 points for meta description and 3 points for every other on-site ranking strategy and 1 point for every quality backlink. The site with the most points ranks first. Why wouldn’t you want to have all of the possible on-site ranking factors while continuously, manually building diversified quality backlinks?

What is a backlink?

A backlink or “inbound link” is a hyper link to your website from anywhere else on the web. There are several types of backlinks, some stronger than others. Since Google is constantly changing which types of backlinks matter most, you need an SEO company that understands that diversification matters.  Our diversification strategy is the special sauce on our Big Mac. It’s the best protection against Google Analytic changes.

The Conclusion

Both on-site and off-site SEO ranking factors count. Call us to get an estimation on what it will cost to outrank your competition. It’s more affordable than you may think, and the ROI will likely be the best you’ve seen.

Call Grace at Identity Dental Marketing (847) 629-4646.

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How to Write a Dental Marketing Plan in 2014

It’s time to start planning your marketing for 2014. It’s important to have a plan, but for that plan to be flexible. You want to make room for the marketing strategies that bring the best return on investment. Before you plan out your year, please make time for this important review.

As discussed in the video below, review the effectiveness of your marketing for 2013 by evaluating the following:

  1. Monthly Report of New Patient and how they’ve heard about you
  2. Number of New Patients from each Marketing/Referral Source
  3. The average cost to acquire a new patient per referral source
  4. The average value of a new patient from each referral source.

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SEO as of Today

Back when I started offering SEO, very few people knew what it was. Now the word gets thrown around on a daily basis by people who don’t fully understand it.

Recently, a major SEO blog report came out saying a few things that have turned people upside down and made my life a little more exciting. They are reporting that the keyword heavy domains and inbound links (backlinks) no longer matter as much.

People need to realize something very important. Just because the strength of a factor decreases, doesn’t mean you should throw it out the window and never utilize that strategy again. I promise you that if there are 2 websites that are EXACTLY the same in terms of amount of content and on-site SEO, one having quality, inbound links and the other having none, the site with the inbound links will rank higher. This is also true for the keyword relevant domain name.
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What You Can Expect from Identity Dental Marketing

When shopping around for a marketing company to help you market your practice, what things would you consider? At Identity, we’ve already predicted some of the things that would matter most to you. We offer personal customer service and a customized plan based on your goals and vision. We also have an impressive turnaround time and we value the deadlines we set.

We’ve heard that when dealing with other marketing companies, it can be difficult got a hold of someone who knows you personally or understands your vision.  Are you sick of paying for a website that is prefabricated for the masses instead of customized for your brand and goals?

At Identity, your needs come first. We are available for you and keep a constant line of communication open so that you may have the ability to make requests or ask questions about anything regarding your marketing campaign.
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Why Patients Don’t Accept Treatment

No-shows, cancellations & pending treatment plans frequently disrupt your morale and production. After investing in marketing, treating your patients like gold and providing the high quality care, how is it possible that patients choose to postpone treatment?

The answer to this question is simple. They don’t want the treatment. You may have convinced them that they need it. You may have shown them various reasons as to why treatment is going to make them healthier, but unfortunately, this isn’t always reason enough.

If I can teach only one MAIN principle in dental sales, it’s this: Sales is a transfer of emotion. It is our job to connect with the patient and let him know and FEEL that this proposed treatment is the best option for his well-being. The following strategies will contribute to more dental sales.
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Scams, Threats, and Things to Watch Out For

Lately, I’ve been experiencing more and more of our clients forwarding us emails, invoices and letters from outside marketing companies that are just plain unethical.

I’ve seen advertisements that look like invoices. I’ve seen countless companies spamming my clients about Google changes and how they “better be aware of this major change that is coming up!”

I’ve even mistakenly signed myself up for a “free directory listing” that was NOT free. Maybe you’ve seen this horrible company. Their logo is the YellowPages logo, except upside down.

When you don’t understand what hosting is, how your domain name is registered or what a free listing really looks like, you may fall prey to these scams. It’s also important for you to know what your SEO company does to protect you from Google changes.

We take pride in our ethical SEO services. We know that no matter what Google rolls out, our clients are protected from changes. We never send out letters or emails referencing the next big Algorithm change and how you better “hire us or you’ll disappear off the internet!”
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Team Training

Does your team know how to answer these questions?

  1. Do you accept my insurance?
  2. How much do you charge for a cleaning?

Our Annual Team Training workshop is going to arm your team with the skills necessary to sell more dentistry.  95% of dental office teams have at least one team member that is not trained in case presentation or phone skills.

This event is interactive.  We strongly encourage participation.  The workshop will involve communication drills and help your team adopt the strategies presented.

Sign up HERE.

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How Did You Get Into Dental Marketing?

grace-dental-marketerI’m asked this questions on a regular basis.  Recently a client asked me to provide him with my story. He wanted to know why and how I gained the experience necessary to grow his business. So, in my usual state of full disclosure, I gave him my story.  Today, I’ll share it with you.

The history of Identity Dental Marketing

In 2007, I graduated from Marquette University with honors and entered the “real world”. I had already completed multiple unpaid internships and applied to every advertising agency in Chicago and Milwaukee. With very little opportunity available (due to a panicked economy), no family connections and literally no place to live, I started providing freelance graphic design services to a local manufacturing company and took a full-time job downtown Chicago selling gym memberships. It was a far cry from my dream job as a copywriter for an ad agency, but these early experiences laid the foundation for my future entrepreneurial experiences.

Hands-on experience in a competitive sales environment proved crucial to my success at my next position as “marketing director” for a dental office with multiple doctors and locations. Beating out over 40 applicants for this position, I finally had found a position where I could be strategic and creative.
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Dental Dance Lessons $150

There’s an art to conversing with patients. A certain “back and forth” that allows you to lead the conversation while involving the patient. It’s similar to a formal dance. It’s important that your team be trained in this hypothetical dance.  It’s most important that front desk employees master the steps.  One flub by the front desk employee could mean that you’ll never even get to meet the patient on the other end of the line.

marketing steps
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