Dental Marketing Agency | 3 Things You Should Be Doing on Social Media

Social media marketing has become an opportunity worth considering for almost all business owners. With around 60% of users interacting with brands on social media[i] and more than 70% of the population having at least one social media account[ii], it is evident that these free tools are critical to capturing your full audience. For entrepreneurs who are struggling to grow your presence through social media, here are three tips to help you move in the right direction.

1. Commit to consistency. If you decide that you’re going to start a Monday hashtag or a Tuesday series, then keep with it. Stay ahead on content to help meet your schedule. Being consistent with your posts will help your brand continue to resonate with your audience. Your followers will get to know you through repeated exposure and will begin look forward to your posts.

2. Do something differently. If you’re in an industry that is very competitive such as health or tech, you need to innovate. If you start to post social media content that is rote and lifeless, you may lose sight of your target audience. Other brands will step in, pulling your presence toward them with stylish posts and content. Stray from the path. Change up the formula. Incorporate popular trends with a unique twist. With innovation, you can carve out your own niche.

3. Don’t be afraid to invest money. Remember that Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media platforms are all businesses – and businesses operate on revenue. If you want exposure and you don’t have a sizable following yet, don’t be afraid to spend some money on sponsorships. Create a budget for your social media marketing and follow it. Boosting a Facebook post can cost as little as $10, but can market it to between 500 and 2,000 people. No matter what your budget is, you can always find a suitable tier of marketing that will help you grow.

Clever use of social media can help your business reach its true potential – as long as you put a willing effort into it. If you are looking for new ways to extend your reach and online presence, contact our office today or check out the Dental Marketing with Grace Facebook group for more tips.


What was the best business advice you were ever given?

Everyone’s a critic. It’s easy to find advice from those around you, but the real difficulty lies in discerning what guidance is truly invaluable. Sometimes, the guidance you need impacts you immediately. For me, the best advice I have been given happened on two occasions, in two very different times of my life.

The first was during high school. I had told a teacher of mine that I wanted to be a writer one day. His reply? “If you want to be a writer, then write.”

That nugget of gold has stayed with me into adulthood. It reminded me that I didn’t have to wait to start doing what I love. I didn’t need someone to tell me I was good enough. I didn’t need a special degree or a burgeoning career before I started to pursue my passion. His advice taught me that I could become a writer immediately — I just needed to commit to it.

The second-best advice came from my aunt, around 2009. I was developing my logo for Identity Dental Marketing, agonizing over the choice between two design options I had formed. I loved them both for so many different reasons. How could I choose?

I shared my frustrations with my aunt. She looked at me and said, “Gracie, it doesn’t matter which one you choose. Pick one and go.”

My aunt’s words were exactly what I needed to hear. I couldn’t afford to be indecisive. Taking too long to find solutions will hold you back in business. It’s best to make a wise and timely decision, before moving onto your next task.

These two moments were very powerful for me, and I hope they’ve helped you in some way as well. Sometimes the best advice is just around the corner. If you are interested in learning more about Identity Dental Marketing and how we can help you succeed, contact our office today.

Dental Marketing | Show Your Business in Motion

marketing for dental practices

For years, Google Maps only allowed users to upload still images of a business. Did you know that users today can upload short location-based videos to Google Maps with an iPhone or Android device? Showcase your practice in motion, from patients walking in the door to the advanced technology you offer, by adding 30-second videos to your Google listing.

How it Works

  1.     Create or sign into your Local Guides account using a Gmail address.
  2.     Take a video of your office. You will only be able to upload the first 30 seconds.
  3.     Select your business on Google Maps.
  4.     Scroll down and tap on “Add photos or videos”.
  5.     Select the video from your camera roll.
  6.     Click “Post” and it will be uploaded.

Why this is Useful

Photos help visitors gain an initial impression of your business, but video creates a more personal introduction. With video, you can take prospective patients on a mini-tour of your office. Highlight your expertise by featuring specific services and uploading video testimonials from your raving fans. This helps engage both existing and potential patients and enhances your SEO (search engine optimization) campaign and rankings.

With quality video content, the possibilities are endless. Contact our office today for ways to implement video content in your marketing.